Figure, Spacing, etc. Cases

Miscellaneous full-size cases are listed below. These cases all have one vertical bar dividing the case into two. Some other cases for the same purposes have no such bar, and are listed elsewhere. Each case below links to a descriptive page that shows the actual box layout, the various sources that illustrate the case, and often a link to an appropriate layout of the contents. Note that some other two bay cases are listed as Upper and Lower.

Empty CasesRowsBoxes in left bayBoxes in right bayTotal boxes
French Combination Case (Ringwalt 1871)104967116
Space and Quad Case (Palmer & Rey 1892) 4242448
Improved Job Case (ATF 1895) 9394483
Jumbo Job or Dearing Job (ATF 1896 or ATF 1906) 7493584
Double Double Case (Miller & Richard 1897) 118181162
Clapp's Success Case (Printer and Bookmaker 1898) 8475097
Registered Double Case No. 1 (Ullmer 1902) 118181162
De Vinne Figure Case (De Vinne 1904) 5343569
Caslon Figure Case (Southward 1904) 5353671
Figure Case (ATF 1906) 39918
Yankee Job Case (ATF 1906) 9404686
Hamilton Border Case (BBS 1907) 12132132264
Hieroglyphic 1st Case (Legros & Grant 1916) 65050100
Hieroglyphic 2nd Case (Legros & Grant 1916) 87272144
Improved Quad & Space Case (Hamilton 1922) 5323264
Double Double Case (Caslon 1925) 107575150
Justifying No.1 Case (Caslon 1925) 6212142
Justifying No.2 Case (Caslon 1925) 6??39
Justifying No.3 Case (Caslon 1925) 6??63
Arabic No.1 Case (Lebanon 1970) 88584169
Arabic No.2 Case (Lebanon 1970) 87665145
Dutch Handelstekens Case (Avalon Pers 1997) 6302959

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