Dramrite's Double Case

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This English layout is that in use by the London printer Dramrite until they closed their comp room in the early 1990s, and is taken from information kindly supplied by J.Stafford-Baker. It follows the London School of Printing lay shown by Atkins (1930s) in having the figures next to the mid box, but it does not have separate boxes for the ae oe ligatures, and for example has the fi etc ligatures in a different order. The z and x are reversed, as are q and k, and j moves down to where : would normally be. Thins are kept separate from mids, and & and £ move to different positions. The ff occupies two boxes, and the top , box became a pie box.

The is a single dagger but the box also holds the other reference signs. The em- is an em dash (rule), etc. The empty typecase configuration matches, for example, that of the Caslon 1897, Stephenson Blake 1922, Harrild 1970 etc. Improved Double Case.

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