List of Typecase Layout Sources consulted

Being a list of books, etc., which show typecases and/or type lays, and which have been used for this collection of on-line typecase pages. The list is in chronological order but shows only the works consulted to date - in some cases there are earlier editions that have not yet been consulted, and these may alter some of the dates given for individual case lays. Note that although the date shown is e.g. of the published source, it is likely that the lay will have been in use for some years beforehand. Facsimile editions are listed only under the date of the original, but books showing extracts from earlier works are listed both under the early date and the later date. Sources of cases shown in Museums, Presses, etc. are listed under the date of visit, i.e. when the cases were seen, apart from the Plantin Museum, where the date is given as 1876, although actually viewed in 1997 and later, since their whole collection is dated from pre 1876, and the Gnowangerup Star, which although visited in 2019 is as closed in 2003.

Some Type Specimen books, Equipment Lists, museum displays, etc., show typecases, but not how the type is distributed (ie do not show the lay), and thus there is no corresponding entry for the lay in the lists. Where information has not yet been fully digested, or has not yet been coded, the case entry is shown in italics. If there is an earlier work that shows the same case or lay, the later case entry is in parentheses.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all typecases shown in a particular work, e.g. the list excludes many half cases, three-quarter cases, wood letter, lead & rule, and exotic face and music cases, although some have been included by way of example of the different styles of case that are used. The source list is still being updated, and so some entries are incomplete.

It is not the present intention of these pages to list every case, but rather to show many of the sources that are available in libraries or through bookdealers, should readers want further information. Because of the size of this listing of consulted sources, it has been split into three, therefore to see the list choose from:Alternatively, use the brief index below, which is split between reference books, ie printers manuals and type specimens and material on display, ie museums and photographs and Presses, etc.

Links to the actual layout are included for the first occurence of a case, and of course, all the layouts can be linked from the general alphabetic index of individual cases or the chronological list or via the links at the foot of this page.

Printers Manuals, Type Specimen Books, etc.
(as consulted for this survey)

Presses, Museums, etc.
(holding or showing layouts used for this survey)

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This page was written by David Bolton and last updated 8 May 2022.