Heffer's Double Case

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This English layout is the Half Case used by Heffer & Sons of Cambridge, and was probably still in use in the 1970s. It has the figures in the top rows, similar to Lindley given in Appendix 1: Case Lays in Lindley & Maggs: Basic Printing - Letterpress for the Beginner (1968, rev 1980) as the standard English lay. However, most of the lesser used letters, and the punctuation, differ from Lindley. For example, Heffer still has q in the box used by Southward in 1887. In contrast, London School of Printing (1930s) put k in that box. Similarly, Heffer have f and g in the traditional positions used by most printers, but k has gone where others might have 9. The box above k holds the opening quotation.

The typecase configuration matches, for example, that of the Caslon 1897, Stephenson Blake 1922, Harrild 1970 etc. Improved Double Case.

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