Bas de Casse

'"   w   (-i e,a,éó
çbc   d    skg hf--
vlmn ol-pjfi!½cd
esp 1pt
yzut espaces ar ,.cad

This Polish lay is that given in Lefevre: Guide Pratique du Composition d'Imprimerie (1880). The companion Upper case is Lefevre. Lefevre has included q ç ae oe in the lay because although not used in Polish, they may be needed for the occasional word in French or Latin. For ease, he has altered a normal French case, to take account of the different frequency of ceratin letters in Polish.

The a, and e, represent letters with an ogonek (not cedilla as shown), z· a z with dot, c´ n´ letters with an acute and l- a barred l. The -- is an em rule. The ' represents an apostrophe and " an opening double quote.

The empty case configuration is Polish.

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