Fount Distribution

This page shows the content of standard founts sold by Adana in 1973. The founts are small, being intended for users of table-top hand platen presses, etc. Larger founts can be built up by adding e.g. four sets of 5A 12a together, but large founts would tend to have slightly different distributions to this - see Quantity in a Fount for examples. With the smallest of the distributions below, bear in mind that they were effective before e.g. the year 1990 or 2000 had been reached, and the quantities of 2, 9 or 0 might need adjustment. Similarly, the advent of postcodes should have affected the number of Q and Z in the fount, for example, and one alone might not be sufficient.
The Adana founts were usually paired as:
6pt to 12pt5A12aor10A48a
14pt4A9aor 8A35a
30pt to 36pt3A4aor4A9a
Lower Case   Upper Case   Capital Fount Only
a346912183548 A234567810 A23468122024
b2234571420 B22334556 B222335810
c23447101927 C22344557 C2234581317
d23468112130 D22334557 D2224571113
e4581216244764 E3456781012 E345810142430
f2234571420 F22334556 F222346912
g2234571420 G22334556 G222346912
h23468122432 H22334557 H2224571113
i346912183548 I234567810 I23468122024
j122345912 J11223334 J12223467
k122345912 K11233334 K12223467
l23468122432 L22344568 L2234581317
m22467101927 M22344568 M2224571113
n346912183548 N234567810 N22468122024
o346912183548 O234567810 O23468122024
p2234571420 P22334568 P2224571113
q11233468 Q11111223 Q11122345
r346912183548 R234567810 R23468122024
s346912183548 S234567810 S23468122024
t346912183548 T234567810 T23468122024
u22467101927 U12345557 U2224571113
v122345912 V11233446 V12223467
w2234571420 W22344556 W222335810
x11233468 X11112334 X11122334
y2234571420 Y22334446 Y222335810
z11233468 Z11111223 Z11122334
ae11111112 AE 1111122 AE 1111112
oe11111112 OE 1111122 OE 1111112
fi11111234 &11112233 &11111233
fl11111234 $ 1111222 $ 1111122
ff11111234 £11111222 £11111122
ffi11111233 122333445 1223334710
ffl11111233 211222334 211222368
          311222334 311222368
          411222334 411222368
          511222334 511222368
          611222334 611222368
          711222334 711222368
          811222334 811222368
          911222334 911222368
          022333445 0223335912
          .23579121416 .3334581620
          ,33579121416 ,3334581620
          -11222334 -11122256
          :11122223 :11111245
          ;11122223 ;11111245
          !22233334 !11222367
          ?11122222 ?11111233
          '12222334 '112223610
Other empty cases
ie with the boxes left blank
Other type layouts
ie with characters assigned to boxes
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