Stellar Press Double Case

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This English layout is one held at the St Bride Foundation Printing Workshop in 2015, and came from the Stellar Press who had used it for Bembo. It is fairly similar to the one used by the Old Clewer Steam Press in 2001, except for separating out the mids and thins, but Stellar alter the cap rows, moving the X Y Z row up above the other cap rows. However, whilst Stellar otherwise keep the traditional alphabetic order, with U and J at the end, Old Clewer put U and J in actual alphabetic order (as do Incline and Alembic and Talbot, for example.

The actual typecase construction matches, for example, that of the Caslon 1897, Stephenson Blake 1922, Harrild 1970 etc. Improved Double Case, distinguished by the six rows of boxes in the right hand (upper case) bay.

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