Two Third Job Case
(Two Third Yankee/California Case)

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This lay is shown by J.Ben Lieberman in Printing as a Hobby, 1963, although not given a specific name. It is also shown by Willshire-Jacobs, in the British Printing Society's Small Printer, June 1988, again without a name. This style of case has been called a Two Third Italic Job or California, by American Type Founders in American Line Type Book (1906), and a Two Third California Job by Hamilton Manufacturing in Catalog 15 (1922), and later by Kelsey in Printers Guide Book (6th ed 1952) and Printers Supply Book (1969), and by American Printing Equipment & Supply Co in 1987. However, the Two Third California shown eg by Missouri-Central Type Foundry in Price List (1959) is the style with seven, rather than eight, boxes each side in the two top rows (see the comments on the ATF case).

The ATF and Hamilton lay includes ae oe, and Kelsey's lay leaves these boxes empty. Both start the upper case at the right hand end, whereas Lieberman starts with an empty box. The empty configuration is Two Third California.

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