Empty German Single Case


This German case configuration is shown in the engraving of a German Printing Office by von Werdt (1639) and reproduced in various books, such as Audin: Histoire de l'imprimerie par l'image (1929), Turner Berry & Edmund Poole: Annals of Printing (1966), and Moran: Printing Presses (1973). Berry & Poole give 1639 but Moran gives 1676 as the date of the engraving (Audin just gives 17th century). The configuration of the case is a little difficult to make out, but possibly is as shown above. There are 90 boxes in total. In the top three rows, the first two boxes in the row should perhaps be narrower. In the fourth row from the top, the first box should be slightly wider, and in the remaining rows the boxes should perhaps all be the same width within the row (again, this is difficult to tell from the engraving, and also the html coding used does not make this easy to represent).

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