German Latin Case

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ÄÖÜ  ßËÊÈÉÆæOEoeqJ[*¦§

This German lay was in the collection of In de Bonnefant in 2004. The empty case configuration is German Latin. The lay differs from the somewhat similar German lay also in this collection, as the V W Z and x boxes are double size, and the c k and p boxes are divided. It also allows for ch and ck ligatures. Both lays have some similarities with the German/Swiss Latin lay shown by Hostettler in 1963, but Hostettler shows accented upper case, Æ etc., in the lower rows with accented lower case in the higher rows, and has only small boxes for V W. As with most variations, j J p etc., are also in different positions.

The ¦ represents a single dagger, and -- is an em rule. Spacing is between 1pt and 4pt.

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