Improved English Double Case


The configuration corresponds to the layout shown on cards held in the printing department at Camberwell College of Arts, London until 2001. It also corresponds to the layout card used by Dorset House School of Occupational Therapy, Oxford in 1976 and until 1996. However, no actual cases with this particular construction were evident, and it differs from the standard Improved Double case of Caslon 1897, Stephenson Blake 1922, Harrild 1970 etc. only in having the spacing box above the i box as a divided box, in the U.S. style, whereas the standard box is an undivided one. It may therefore be that the division was made with reglet or rule, rather than as part of the original wooden construction. The case is in the improved style, ie with six rows of boxes in the right hand, upper case, bay. The earlier, and thus unimproved, Double case has seven rows, and the U.S. Californian case has five rows.

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