Curtis & Mitchell Lower Case

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This U.S. layout matches that shown by Curtis & Mitchell, of Boston, in their Specimens of Types, Borders, Rules, Cuts, etc. (1886), and also in their earlier Reduced Price List (of c.1878). It is almost the same as Barnhart Bros & Spindler's lay of 1893, except BB&S show ffi instead of fl, reverse the order of w and p and itemise the thinner spacing. MacKellar: The American Printer (2nd ed 1866) and Harpel: Typograph or Book of Specimens (1870) also show ffi instead of fl, but put fl in the adjacent box where BB&S put hair spaces. However, MacKellar and Harpel show the comma in the English sequence (eg from Luckombe (1771) to Tarr (1945)) with boxes in p , w rather than p w , order. This p w , order was the emerging U.S. pattern, subsequently shown by e.g. ATF in 1906. Curtis & Mitchell have the p and w transposed.

The configuration of the empty case is MacKellar's US Lower and the companion upper case lay is Curtis & Mitchell.

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