Curwen Double Case

£[ ]aeoe '  j     e       ens  ( )!?;...fl 1234567
890* /
zvutthicks arq:ems

This English layout is shown in Herbert Simon: Introduction to Printing (which was printed by The Curwen Press) in 1968, and is the lay in use at Curwen until they ceased letterpress. As with Heffer and Camberwell, etc., the numerals are in the right hand (upper case) bay. However, Curwen reverse U and J, and also place £ in the top left box. () and ' are swapped, as are ! and ? and thins and mids are swapped with ens.

In the diagram, -- is an em rule (dash), and are a single and double dagger. The actual typecase construction matches, for example, that of the Caslon 1897, Stephenson Blake 1922, Harrild 1970 etc. Improved Double Case, distinguished by the six rows of boxes in the right hand (upper case) bay.

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