Czech Single Case


This Czech typecase configuration matches a case in the National Technical Museum, Prague in June 2019. It is divided vertically into three bays and has 130 boxes, although there is a newer Czech Single case on display that has only 125 boxes, there being five fewer boxes in the ‘lower’ case section.

The lay of the case is Czech Single.

An earlier (1925) version of a Czech case also has only 125 boxes, but a slightly different arrangement in the ‘lower’ section. A Hungarian case shown in the Kiscelli Museum, Budapest, is also divided into three bays, with 129 boxes, but has one more row of small boxes than the NTM case, and an Austrian case shown by Niel in 1925 also has three bays, but has 150 boxes as it is designed to include small capitals.

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This page was written in 2019 by David Bolton and last updated 11 July 2019.