Swiss Parisienne

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This Swiss case layout is that of the École des Arts Décoratifs de Genève, and in use at the Ecomusée Voltaire, Genève in 2004. The layout differs from that shown as Morin in Audin: Histoire de l'imprimerie par l'image (1929) as he separates out J U and W whilst Genève have them in straight alphabetic order. Both have the sub-divided boxes in the top row of the case, but Morin uses these for superiors. He still has j in the upper case section, and for example in the lower case puts k and w in a different position to Genève. By contrast, the Parisienne of Muller (c.1910) omits the superiors, and all the sub-divided boxes.

The empty configuration is that shown by Audin (1929). It has 115 boxes, whilst the La Parisienne of Muller has only 110.

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