Casseau Inferieau des Caracteres Vulgaires

çe,  k    w     e    12345678

This French lay is given by Fertel: La Science Practique de l'Imprimerie (1723, reprinted Gregg 1971). The companion Upper case lay is Casse Superieure. Note that j is in the Upper, but the figures are in the Lower. Fertel shows a different Lower, for Longues et Breves, which thus has a few more divided boxes. However, Diderot's case of 1751 has the same number of boxes (54), but the y and x box become one, for x, and the w box becomes divided, for - and ' (which Fertel has in the Upper).

The box with e, is for e hook. The | is a long s. The dem are demi cadratins and cad are cadratins. The empty case configuration is Fertel.

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