Empty 'Gould' Greek Lower Case


This typecase construction matches the Greek Lower of Joseph Gould: The Letter-press Printer, 1876 and 2nd edition 1881 and 4th edition 1888. It is slightly different to Stower's of 1808, as it has an extra divided box in the left bay bottom row, next to where thick spaces go, and an extra divided box in the next row up in the right bay, next to where the en quads go. It thus has 47 boxes, rather than Stower (and Timperley)'s 45 boxes. The later Southward: Practical Printing (3rd ed 1887) shows almost the same lower case, as he also divides the rho box, but he does not divide the tau box, and so has only 46 boxes.

The actual lay of the case is Greek Lower and its companion upper is Greek Upper.

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