News Lower Case

--[ ]aeoe( )e thin/mid '  ?  !  ; ...fl
&bcd isf g...ff
hairlmnh oyp,wensems
zvu    t     thick     a    r q:quads

This type lay is given by Jacobi: Printing (5th ed 1913 and 6th ed 1919) as that used by some of the leading London daily papers. It is similar to the Bookwork Lower lay of Southward (1882), except that Southward shows hairs in the box below &, and then ffi and then ffl, and swaps the ' and ) boxes, and shows only thins, and not mids and thins (although as Southward shows no provision for mids at all, they may well have shared the thins box). The Southward lay is identical to Johnson's New of 1824, except that Southward replaced mids with thins, and inserted ... next to fl. But by 1898, Southward has hair above the z box, and ( and ' in the same position as Jacobi. He also shows 2 dot, rather than 3 dot, leaders, and now puts mids in with the thins. Note that in all the lays, the letter k is still stored in the Upper case. Also, the top left box is for em dash (rule), with the 2 em rule in the Upper case, and no apparent provision for en dash.

The companion upper is the News Upper lay and the empty configuration is the English Lower of Johnson (1824).

Jacobi's Book Lower lay is almost identical to his News Lower lay, the only difference being that instead of being between the ffi and ffl boxes, the hairs move to above the z box. By contrast, Johnson, and originally Southward, put them under the & box. The companion Book Upper is the Old Upper Case of Southward (1904).

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