English Lower Case

&[ ]aeoe'je thin( )?!; fl
 bcd isf g ff
ffilmnh oyp,wenem
zvu    t    thick    a    r q:quads

This English typecase lay is shown by Lockwood: American Dictionary of Printing and Bookbinding (1894), and is very similar to the Bookwork case of Southward: Practical Printing (1st ed 1882, 2nd ed 1884, 4th ed 1892, 5th ed 1900), but not in the 3rd edition of 1887, which has a very different Lower Case lay. However, Southward includes em dash, 3 dot leader and hair spaces. Note that the letter k is still stored in the Upper case. There is no ç in either Lower or Upper.

The companion upper is that of Savage apart from transposing two boxes of signs. The empty configuration is the English Lower.

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