Empty Combined Upper and Lower Case


The typecase configuration is that of a case held by the Abbey Press at New Norcia in Western Australia, still currently (2013) in use in the Monastery complex, although the Press itself is no longer active there. The case almost matches the Complete Roman Case of Stephenson, Blake & Co.: Printing Material & Machinery (1922) and Caslon: Printing Types and Materials (1925) and Cefmor: Printers Equipment & Sundries (1955), and also the Improved Job of Barnhart Bros & Spindler: Pony Specimen (1890s), American Type Founders: Line Type Book (1906), etc. However, the one exception is the box above where i is positioned, which follows the U.K. pattern of a single box, rather than the U.S. pattern of a divided box. Apparently Stephenson Blake, etc. also follow the U.S. pattern, although it may simply be that they have used the U.S. version for illustrative purposes, as certainly the case in Western Australia has no divided box. The case size is English (32½x14⅛ ins) rather than U.S. (32 3/16 x 16 5/8 ins).

The typecase is partitioned into four bays, with one of the "upper" bays for normal caps, and one for small caps. New Norcia have used the far right upper bay for a smaller size of type, and their lay is Combined Upper & Lower.

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