New Norcia Upper Case

 1  2  flffiffl ? ÆŒ  1  2  3  4  5  6  7 
80fiff:   890£([-
.,-!&   ',;!e? 
ABCDEFG abcdefg
H IKLMNO hiklmno
PQRSTVW pqrstvw
XYZspspUJ xyzspspuj

This Australian Upper case lay is one of those used by the Abbey Press at New Norcia in Western Australia, probably from 1946 and still in use at the Monastery in 2013, although at present no longer active as the Abbey Press. Rather than put small caps in the right hand bay, the Press put lower case, and indeed, most of their upper cases and lower cases do this, putting both upper and lower in the one or the other, and hardly ever using an upper for caps and small caps. In this particular example (Wimble's 36pt Sans Serif), one or two characters appear in more than one box.

The empty case configuration is the Upper of Moxon, et al., and an equuvalent Lower case lay is New Norcia.

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