Pickering's Lower Case

[ ]aeoe ()  j      e      thin+mids '  ?  !  ;    fl 
&bcd isfg  ff
ffilmnh oyp,wenem
zvutthickar q:quad

This English layout is that given by Pickering, Compositors' Equipment, Pitman, 1946 reprinted 1955, and stated to be the normal standard. It is identical to the Old Lower shown by Southward in Modern Printing 1898 and still in 1954, except that lay omits k and has a two dot leader between the ; and fl boxes. It is almost the same as the Modern Lower of Wallis, "A Short History of the English Case Lay" in Print in Britain, Nov 1959, which includes k, but but replaces hair spaces with thin spaces.

The companion Upper lay is Pickering Upper. Oddly, Pickering shows k in both the Lower and Upper case.

The empty case configuration is Johnson Lower.

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