Reading Double Case

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This English layout is that used in the Department of Typography & Graphic Arts, University of Reading, in 2002. It is believed to have been inherited from Reading Technical College. The layout sheet is noted as being after Hostettler, but Hostettler's Double Case is a California Job, whereas this is an English case configuration. As with Heffer and Camberwell, etc., the numerals are in the right hand (upper case) bay. Unusually, Reading put p in the box above i, rather than the more usual mids or thins, although by this means their thicks are brought nearer the centre of the case.

The actual typecase construction matches, for example, that of the Caslon 1897, Stephenson Blake 1922, Harrild 1970 etc. Improved Double Case, distinguished by the six rows of boxes in the right hand (upper case) bay, with the two top rows being smaller than the rows below.

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