Duplicate Job Case

&aeoe[ ]( )j   e     mids '?!:...fl ABCDEFG
fflbc   d   isfg...ff HIKLMNO
ffi...fi PQRSTVW
hairlmnhoyp,wenem XYZAEOEUJ
thin 1234567
zvutthickarq quads 890/@%*
x - k--§£$

This English lay is shown in Sind Type Foundy: Type Specimen (as in 1999). It is an early style of lay, as the capitals are placed in the top rows, rather than the bottom ones. Note also the k in the bottom row of the upper case bay. There is no . or ; shown in the lay, but there are appropriate empty boxes, which presumably could be used if required. The -- represents an em rule, the a single dagger and the a double dagger.

The empty case configuration is the Double Case of Southward 1882, etc. with seven rows of equal sized boxes in the upper case bay.

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