German Latin Case

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 ZOEcaen qdedfiflffifflquads

This German case lay is shown by Savage: A Dictionary of the Art of Printing (1841), reprinted by Thoemmes Press (1998). Savage says only that the case is made as one (i.e. unlike English Upper and Lower cases) and that it is for Roman. There is a rather similar lay shown by Bauer: Handbuch fur Schriftsetzer (1917) but with one row of small boxes for the cap A to V, with the ä and â sequences reversed, with v w and with x y z reversed, and with J and È etc. included. Also some of the lower bay boxes are subdivided differently.

The diagram is not quite correct at present, in that the 24 small boxes on the lower left should all be the same size. The actual case configuration is German Latin.

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