New Upper Case

àèìòù§¦¦ áéíóú--|
!?[ ]ffiffl* aeoe£lbPerç|
  X    Y    Z   AE  OE   U    J      X      Y      Z     AE    OE    U    J  

This English layout is given by Timperley: The Printers' Manual (1838). The main improvement on his Old Plan is moving the caps and small caps into the bottom rows, to be nearer the compositor's hand. Spurrell shows a somewhat similar Improved lay, with signs and ligatures in different positions.

The boxes with A, etc are small caps. The box ¦ is really a single dagger, and ¦¦ a double dagger. The boxes with | } | are a three part brace. The -- is an em rule, and ---- a 2em rule. Note that this lay has the numerals in the Lower case, but keeps ffi and ffl in the Upper case.

The empty configuration is that of Moxon, and Smith, (1755), Luckombe (1771), Stower (1804), Johnson (1824), Miller & Richard (1873), Southward (1882), Mackellar (1885), Barnhart Bros & Spindler's News (1890s), Stephenson Blake & Co (1922), Caslon (1925) etc.

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