MacKellar's German Lower Case

!hair5em 4em j  k  e  ä  ö  ü  ¦i   ¦¦  ¦z tzct
?bchd i¦sfgffll
fllmnh o¦tz,wen
xvut3 em

This U.S. layout for German is given by MacKellar: The American Printer 15th ed 1885, reprinted Berliner 1977, and by Jacobi: Printing, 1913. The lay is for Fraktur type, and not roman as shown here. The ¦ represents a long s. Jacobi shows thin for 5 em, mid for 4 em and thick for 3 em spacing, as would be expected as his book is a U.K. publication.

The configuration of the empty case is MacKellar's US Lower and the companion upper case lay is German Upper.

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