Empty Improved Four Fount Case No.4


This English typecase configuration is that shown in Ullmer: Revised Illustrated List of New Machinery and Materials (1902). It has 12 rows of boxes and Ullmer claim it will hold four complete founts of Ornamentals, Titlings, Latins, etc. yet the boxes are as large as in a Treble case. They say the case is divided into four compartments, but their illustration only shows a central partition.

This Improved Case has a total of 168 boxes, i.e. 42 per fount. The Four Fount Case of Miller & Richard in 1873, and still in 1920, has the case partitioned into four, but only has eight rows of boxes, and has a total of 112 boxes, i.e. 28 per fount. Ullmer's unimproved Four Fount Case, the same as Stephenson Blake in 1922, Caslon in 1925, Cefmor in 1955 and Harrild in 1970 is partitioned vertically into four, with seven rows of boxes and a total of 196 boxes, i.e. only 28 per fount.

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