German Fraktur Case

N.b. this lay is still being constructed, as some characters stiill have to be interpreted (shown below as ???).

1234567890 ERNOTTVWX
ãõñjtz ſtåüd'xYZ
( )???

This German case lay is that of Wolffger: Neu-auffgesetztes Format-Büchlein (1673) as shown in the reprinted book by Technische Universitšt Darmstadt, Darmstadt, 1987. Note that the lay is for Fraktur type, not the Roman characters as shown here. This pattern of one single case for Fraktur (both 'upper' and 'lower') types continued as the norm in Germany, eg Genzmer in 1961. However, in U.K. and U.S., the norm became the separate Upper and Lower cases, eg Moxon Upper and Moxon Lower of 1683, etc.

The empty Fraktur case is Fraktur Single.

Whilst this case lay is for Fraktur type, Wollfger also showed a lay for Roman type, with more boxes than here.

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