Monotype Metal Type Faces

as summarised in the Specimen Book of Monotype Printing Types, 1970
published by The Monotype Corporation, London. Supplemented by information in earlier specimen sheets, and various editions of the Monotype Book of Information, and lists held by the Type Archive, London.

There is a numeric order version of this list, if preferred. That list also includes the L series, and unit arrangement numbers, some designers, dates of introduction, etc.

Non-Latin faces are included in the alphabetic list below under the generic heading for the language, ie Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Burmese, Coptic, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Fraktur, Gaelic, Georgian, Glagolitic, Greek, Gujerathi, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Kannada, Malayalam, Old Bulgarian, Oriya, Sinhalese, Syriac, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Urdu.

If a face was withdrawn by Monotype, this is shown in the comment column, and is normally the date the matrices were scrapped. Some faces were re-named by Monotype, or are sometimes shown in a different order, eg Plate Gothic is sometimes called Gothic Plate, and eventually became re-named as Spartan. The different names are listed here, with the modern name shown as a comment, eg see Spartan. There is then a separate entry under the modern name, which shows if the face was subsequently withdrawn. For some time, families of faces were distinguished by a No. and this is shown as part of the name of the face, although the practice was discontinued by 1970.

Note that the Monotype Corporation/Monotype International in the U.K. used different names and series numbers from those used by Lanston Monotype in the U.S.A. and therefore the names and numbers in these lists are not the same as in the U.S. It should not be assumed that a face shown here as, for example, Caslon will be the same design as a similarly named U.S. face.

297AcierNot issued
319Acier Grey and WhiteNot issued
538Albertus Bold TitlingRoman
534Albertus LightRoman
324Albertus TitlingRoman
42Albion (No.2)Roman
70Albion (No.4)Roman
264AlbionWithdrawn in 1965
74Albion ExtendedRoman
270Aldine Bembosee Bembo
370Aldine Bembo Titlingsee Bembo Titling
 -- Amharic --
599   Amharic
624   Amharic
 (End of Amharic section)
555AngelusRoman and Italic
207Antiquesee Antique Old Style
307AntiqueWithdrawn in 1965
407AntiqueWithdrawn in 1965
354Antique (No.2)Withdrawn in 1967
74Antique Extendedsee Ionic
153Antique Extendedsee Albion Extended
223Antique Heavysee Devonshire Bold
224Antique Heavy Condensedsee Devonshire Bold Condensed
9Antique Latinsee Latin Antique
60Antique Latinsee Latin Antique
78Antique Latinsee Latin Antique
84Antique Latinsee Latin Antique
3Antique Old Style (No.3)Roman and Italic
161Antique Old Style (No.2)Roman and Italic
124Antique Old Style (No.1)Withdrawn in 1967
207Antique Old StyleRoman and Italic
 -- Arabic --
409   ArabicCancelled in 1946. Replaced by 549
542   Arabic BoldDestroyed
415   Arabic DisplayCancelled in 1950
549   Arabic Naskh
589   Arabic Naskh Accented
649   Arabic Naskh Bold
559   Arabic Solloss
507 (listed under Urdu)
707 (listed under Urdu)
721   Farsi
 (End of Arabic section)
 -- Armenian --
638   Armenian
 (End of Armenian section)
252Arrighi Italicsee Centaur
238Ashley CrawfordWithdrawn in 1967
279Ashley Crawford PlainWithdrawn in 1967
574Ashley Script
178BarbouRoman and Italic
169BaskervilleRoman and Italic
312Baskerville BoldRoman and Italic
313Baskerville Boldsee Baskerville Semi-Bold
377Baskerville Bold Large FaceWithdrawn in 1967
376Baskerville Bold Titling (for Newspaper Headings)Withdrawn in 1965
378Baskerville Bold Titling (for Newspaper Headings)Withdrawn in 1965
380Baskerville Extra Bold TitlingWithdrawn in 1967
312Baskerville Heavysee Baskerville Bold
313Baskerville Semi-BoldRoman and Italic
381Baskerville Titling (for Newspaper Headings)Withdrawn in 1965
341BellRoman and Italic
619Bell GothicRoman
620Bell Gothic BoldRoman
270BemboRoman and Italic
428Bembo BoldRoman and Italic
294Bembo Condensed ItalicItalic
428Bembo Heavysee Bembo Bold
509Bembo Semi-BoldRoman and Italic
370Bembo TitlingRoman and Italic
 -- Bengali --
470   Bengali
700   Bengali
701   Bengali Bold
670   Bengali BoldCancelled in 1967
 (End of Bengali section)
643BerlingRoman and Italic. Withdrawn in 1973
644Berling Semi-BoldRoman. Withdrawn in 1973
213Bernard CondensedRoman
119BladoItalic (to match Poliphilus 170)
495B.O.A.C.No record
254Bodoni No.2see Bodoni No.4
357Bodoni (No.2)Roman and Italic
504Bodoni (No.5)Roman and Italic
288Bodoni (No.1)Withdrawn in 1967
254Bodoni (No.4)Withdrawn in 1967
195Bodoni BoldRoman
260Bodoni Bold (No.2)Roman and Italic
529Bodoni Bold CondensedRoman and Italic
760Bodoni Bold TitlingRoman
357Bodoni Booksee Bodoni
529Bodoni Heavy Condensedsee Bodoni Bold Condensed
260Bodoni Heavysee Bodoni Bold
120Bodoni Ultra BoldRoman and Italic
53Bold Facesee Old Style Bold
167Bold Facesee De Vinne Italic
366Bold Facesee Inflex Bold
245Bold Face Italic No.2see Old Style Bold Italic
253Bold Face No.2see Old Style Bold
138Bold Face No.3Roman. Withdrawn in 1965
503Bold FaceWithdrawn in 1965
176Bold Face Outlinesee Old Style Bold Outline
253Bold Face Special Linesee Old Style Bold
167Bold Italicsee de Vinne Italic
334Bold (The Times)see Times Bold
345Bold (The Times)see Times Bold
360Bold (The Times)see Times Bold
466Breitkopf RomanCancelled in 1936
a306Broadway (Sorts)Withdrawn before 1966
a307Broadway Engraved (Sorts)Withdrawn before 1966
494Bruce RogersIn abeyance in 1967
594Bruce Rogers TitlingResearch
469BulmerRoman and Italic
 -- Burmese --
558   Burmese Light
578   Burmese Bold
 (End of Burmese section)
L17Calendar FiguresRoman
L19Calendar DaysRoman
197CanterburyWithdrawn in 1967
128CaslonRoman and Italic
128Caslon Old Facesee Caslon
209Caslon TitlingRoman
252CentaurRoman and Italic
352CentaurRoman and Italic
295Centaur TitlingRoman
227Century (No.1)see Century Schoolbook
211Century (No.2)Roman
545Century BoldWithdrawn in 1967
546Century Bold ExtendedWithdrawn in 1967
227Century SchoolbookRoman and Italic
477Century Schoolbook BoldRoman
650Century SchoolbookRoman and Italic
651Century Schoolbook BoldRoman
510ChatsworthWithdrawn in 1965
633ChineseWithdrawn in 1974
154Chiswell Old FaceRoman and Italic
133Chu YinWithdrawn in 1967
412Clarendon (No.2)Withdrawn in 1967
501Clarendon TimetableWithdrawn in 1967
157Clearface BoldRoman and Italic
271Cloister BoldWithdrawn in 1967
272Cloister Old StyleWithdrawn in 1967
a395Cloister Old Style (Sorts)Withdrawn before 1966
165CochinRoman and Italic
213Condensed Boldsee Bernard Condensed
224Condensed Heavy Antiquesee Devonshire Bold Condensed
383Condensed Heavy Grotesquesee Grotesque Condensed
523Condensed Heavy Grotesque Titlingsee Grotesque Condensed
419Condensed Latinsee Grotesque Condensed Titling
 -- Coptic --
609   Louvain Coptic
 (End of Coptic section)
306Crossword Puzzle Solution
309Crossword SquaresCancelled
17CushingWithdrawn in 1967
 -- Cyrillic (Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Macedonian) --
42   Albion
63   Albion
70   Albion
169   Baskerville
370   Bembo Titling
260   Bodoni Bold
529   Bodoni Bold Condensed
120   Bodoni Ultra Bold
17   CushingWithdrawn in 1967
68   French Old Style
69   French Old Style Bold
44   French Round Face
201   Garamond Bold
262   Gill Sans
275   Gill Sans Bold
373   Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling
233   Gill Sans Cameo
485   Gill Sans Condensed
362   Gill Sans Light
96   GothicWithdrawn in 1965
51   Grotesque
97   Grotesque BoldWithdrawn in 1967
11   Grotesque Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
166   Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling
33   Grotesque Condensed
383   Grotesque Condensed
39   Modern Condensed
77   Modern ExtendedWithdrawn in 1967
75   Modern WideWithdrawn in 1967
27   Neo Didot
506   Placard Bold Condensed
515   Placard Bold Condensed
568   Placard Condensed
522   Placard Condensed Titling
194   Plantin Bold
113   Plantin Light
327   Times New Roman
334   Times Bold
 (End of Cyrillic section)
326Daily Mail ModernWithdrawn in 1974
592DanteRoman and Italic
682Dante Semi-BoldRoman and Italic
612Dante TitlingRoman
298Deutsch RomischWithdrawn in 1970
286Deutsch Romisch BoldWithdrawn in 1967
 -- Devanagari --
155   Devanagari
346   Devanagari Bold
755   Devanagari Italic
 (End of Devanagari section)
131De VinneWithdrawn in 1967
21De Vinnesee De Vinne Condensed
21De Vinne CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
167De Vinne ItalicWithdrawn in 1967
223Devonshire BoldWithdrawn in 1967
224Devonshire Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
71DidotRoman and Italic
425Divina ComediaDestroyed
436Dorchester Script
107Egyptian (No.1)Roman
171Egyptiansee Egyptian Bold
173Egyptian (No.4)Roman
129Egyptiansee Egyptian Bold
130EgyptianWithdrawn in 1967
162EgyptianWithdrawn in 1967
184Egyptiansee Ionic No.4
251Egyptiansee Egyptian Condensed
330Egyptiansee Egyptian Bold
129Egyptian Bold (No.1)Roman
171Egyptian BoldWithdrawn in 1967
330Egyptian BoldWithdrawn in 1967
282Egyptian Bold CondensedRoman
251Egyptian CondensedRoman
112Egyptian CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
464Egyptian CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
72Egyptian ExtendedRoman
465Egyptian ExtendedDestroyed
282Egyptian Heavysee Egyptian Bold Condensed
453EhrhardtRoman and Italic
563EhrhardtWithdrawn in 1974
573Ehrhardt Semi-BoldRoman and Italic
 Electronic Reading FountsE-13B, CMC7, 407-1, OCR-B
235Elite Typewritersee Typewriter
19ElzevirRoman and Italic
320EmersonRoman and Italic
400EmersonWithdrawn in 1967
452EmeryWithdrawn in 1965
146Engraver's Titlesee Engravers' Titling
146Engravers' TitlingRoman
147Engravers' Titlingsee Engravers' Bold Titling
147Engravers' Titling: Boldsee Engravers' Bold Titling
147Engravers' Bold TitlingRoman
323FalstaffRoman and Italic
514Fanfare Bold Con. It. TitlingItalic. Destroyed
516Fanfare Bold Con. It. Titling No.2Italic
399Felix TitlingRoman
554Festival Titling
636Figaro BoldCancelled in 1967
632Fleet TitlingRoman
431Floriated CapitalsRoman
403FontanaRoman and Italic
437Fontana Bible FaceRoman and Italic
443Fontana TitlingDestroyed
185FournierRoman and Italic
185Fournier Old Facesee Fournier
285Fournier Old Face (Shortened Caps)see Fournier Shortened Capitals
285Fournier Shortened CapitalsRoman and Italic
89Fraktur AntiquaRoman. Withdrawn before 1966
(but see also Neudeutsche Fraktur below)
 -- Fraktur --
449   Alte Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1964
98   Alte 'Monotype' FrakturWithdrawn in 1972
449   Alte 'Monotype' Fraktur Halbfettesee Alte Fraktur Fette
102   Alte SchwabacherWithdrawn in 1972
31   Armin Fraktur
32   Armin Fraktur Fette
34   Armin Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1967
37   Bamberger FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
49   Bamberger Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1967
48   Bamberger Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1964
521   Berliner FrakturWithdrawn in 1965
387   Blücher Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1967
116   Breitkopf FrakturWithdrawn in 1972
367   Breitkopf FrakturWithdrawn in 1972
467   Breitkopf FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
413   Breitkopf Fraktur Halbfette
446   Breitkopf Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1972
256   Dürer Fraktur
513   Dürer Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1965
512   Dürer Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1965
363   Enge Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1967
498   Enschedé FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
296   Erfurter FrakturWithdrawn in 1964
379   Essener Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1967
38   FrakturWithdrawn in 1964
94   Große Moderne FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
308   Helen FrakturWithdrawn in 1964
384   Hessen FrakturWithdrawn in 1964
202   Hessen Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1964
417   Hessen Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1964
315   Hutten FrakturWithdrawn in 1964
423   Jean Paul FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
40   Kasseler Fraktur
41   Kasseler Fraktur Halbfette
56   Kölner Fraktur
58   Kölner Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1972
57   Kölner Fraktur Halbfette
401   Leibniz FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
118   Mainzer FrakturWithdrawn in 1972
418   Mainzer FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
132   Mainzer Fraktur Halbfette
432   Mainzer Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1964
64   Moderne Fraktur
66   Moderne Fraktur Fette
87   Moderne Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1967
86   Moderne SchwabacherWithdrawn in 1972
93   Moderne Schwabacher HalfbetteWithdrawn in 1972
89   Neudeutsche FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
35   Neue Schwabacher
36   Neue Schwabacher Halbfette
519   Propylaen FrakturWithdrawn in 1964
47   Regensburger FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
463   RundgotischWithdrawn in 1972
457   Sachsenwald-GotischWithdrawn in 1967
187   Schmalfette Frankfurter FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
61   Solis FrakturWithdrawn in 1967
62   Solis Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1964
392   Theuerdank FrakturWithdrawn in 1964
483   Uhlen RundgotischWithdrawn in 1972
530   Uhlen Rund Gotisch CapsWithdrawn in 1965
482   Uhlen Con Bold FrakturWithdrawn in 1973
482   Ullstein Fraktur Fette Engesee Uhlen Con Bold Fraktur
300   Ulmer Fraktur FetteWithdrawn in 1964
205   Unger FrakturWithdrawn in 1972
277   Unger Fraktur HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1972
28   Wittenberger Fraktur
29   Wittenberger Fraktur Halbfette
83   Wurzberger FrakturWithdrawn in 1972
331   Zethmeyer FrakturWithdrawn in 1964
 (end of Fraktur section)
76French Face ExtendedWithdrawn in 1967
111French ModernWithdrawn in 1967
68French Old StyleRoman and Italic
109French Old StyleWithdrawn in 1967
148French Old StyleWithdrawn in 1967
69French Old Style BoldRoman
69French Old Style (Half-Fat)see French Old Style Bold
44French Round FaceRoman and Italic
314Fridericus AntiquaRoman and Italic
596Futura BuchschriftSuspended in 1960
 -- Gaelic --
24   Gaelic
117   Gaelicsee Gaelic Sans-Serif
121   Colum Cillesee Gaelic: Colm Cille
121   Gaelic: Colm Cille
85   Gaelic Display
117   Gaelic Displaysee Gaelic Sans-Serif
117   Gaelic Sans-Serif
 (End of Gaelic section)
a313Gallia (Sorts)Withdrawn before 1966
156GaramondRoman and Italic
201Garamond BoldRoman and Italic
174Garamond Italic (No.2)Italic. The Roman was withdrawn before 1966
201Garamond Heavysee Garamond Bold
811GauthierRoman and Italic
 -- Georgian --
539   Georgian LightWithdrawn in 1972
540   Georgian BoldWithdrawn in 1972
587   Georgian
 (End of Georgian section)
275Gill Bold Sans-Serifsee Gill Sans Bold
430Gill FaceDestroyed
433Gill Moiree ShadowDestroyed
262Gill SansRoman and Italic
349Gill Sans (No.2)Roman and Italic
275Gill Sans BoldRoman and Italic
350Gill Sans Bold (No.2)Roman
575Gill Sans BoldWithdrawn in 1967
343Gill Sans Bold CondensedRoman
373Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling (No.1)Roman
525Gill Sans Bold Condensed TitlingRoman
468Gill Sans Bold Extra CondensedRoman
L8Gill Sans Bold TimetableRoman
317Gill Sans Bold TitlingRoman
233Gill Sans CameoRoman
299Gill Sans Cameo RuledRoman
485Gill Sans CondensedRoman
321Gill Sans Extra BoldRoman
526Gill Sans Extra Bold TitlingRoman
526Gill Sans Extra Heavy Titlingsee Gill Sans Extra Bold Titling
362Gill Sans LightRoman and Italic
662Gill Sans Light (No.2)Roman
353Gill Sans PosterRoman
406Gill Sans Shadow (No.1)Roman
408Gill Sans Shadow (No.2)Roman
338Gill Sans Shadow (No.3)Roman
290Gill Sans Shadow LineRoman
304Gill Sans Shadow TitlingRoman
231Gill Sans TitlingRoman
262Gill Sans-Serifsee Gill Sans
349Gill Sans-Serifsee Gill Sans
353Gill Sans-Serifsee Gill Sans Poster
275Gill Sans-Serif Boldsee Gill Sans Bold
350Gill Sans-Serif Boldsee Gill Sans Bold
343Gill Sans-Serif Bold Condensedsee Gill Sans Bold Condensed
468Gill Sans-Serif Bold Extra Condensedsee Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed
233Gill Sans-Serif Cameosee Gill Sans Cameo
299Gill Sans-Serif Cameo Ruledsee Gill Sans Cameo Ruled
373Gill Sans-Serif Extra Bold Titlingsee Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling
321Gill Sans-Serif Extra Heavysee Gill Sans Extra Bold
485Gill Sans-Serif Medium Condensedsee Gill Sans Condensed
362Gill Sans-Serif Lightsee Gill Sans Light
304Gill Sans-Serif Shadowsee Gill Sans Shadow Titling
406Gill Sans-Serif Shadow No.1see Gill Sans Shadow No.1
408Gill Sans-Serif Shadow No.2see Gill Sans Shadow No.2
290Gill Sans-Serif Shadowlinesee Gill Sans Shadow Line
231Gill Sans-Serif Titlingsee Gill Sans Titling
317Gill Sans-Serif Titlingsee Gill Sans Bold Titling
338Gill Sans-Serif Two Coloursee Gill Sans Shadow No.3
442Gill Sans-Serif Ultra Boldsee Gill Sans Ultra Bold
442Gill Sans Ultra BoldRoman
L206Gill small capitalsRoman
442Gill Ultra Boldsee Gill Sans Ultra Bold
 -- Glagolitic --
598   Glagolitic
 (End of Glagolitic section)
535Glamour Bold (LMMCo 237)Cancelled in 1945
99Gloucestersee Gloucester Old Style
158Gloucestersee Gloucester Old Style
103Gloucester BoldRoman and Italic
172Gloucester BoldWithdrawn in 1967
198Gloucester Bold CondensedRoman
266Gloucester Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 1965
243Gloucester Bold ExtendedRoman
395Gloucester Bold Extra CondensedRoman
160Gloucester Bold Italic (No.1)Italic
303Gloucester BoldWithdrawn in 1965
55Gloucester Bold Italic (No.2)Withdrawn in 1967
361Gloucester Bold TitlingWithdrawn in 1967
242Gloucester CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
396Gloucester Extra CondensedRoman
99Gloucester Old StyleRoman and Italic
158Gloucester Old StyleWithdrawn in 1967
158Gloucester Old Style Condensedsee Gloucester Old Style
242Gloucester Old Style Condensedsee Gloucester Condensed
396Gloucester Old Style Extra Condensedsee Gloucester Extra Condensed
152Gloucester Old Style Widesee Gloucester Wide
152Gloucester WideWithdrawn in 1967
4Gothicsee Grotesque Condensed
150Gothicsee Grotesque Bold Extended
168Gothicsee Grotesque Bold Extended
177Gothicsee Newspaper Small Ads
244Gothic CapsWithdrawn in 1965
73Gothic Extendedsee Grotesque Bold
204Gothic Light Facesee Grotesque Light Condensed
166Gothic Narrowsee Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling
140Gothic Platesee Spartan
141Gothic Platesee Spartan Bold
143Gothic Platesee Spartan Condensed
97Gothic Widesee Grotesque Bold
269Goudy Bold (No.1)Roman and Italic
441Goudy Bold (No.2)Roman and Italic
a294Goudy Bold (Sorts)Withdrawn before 1966
268Goudy CatalogueRoman and Italic
364Goudy Catalogue (No.2)Roman and Italic
372Goudy Catalogue (2 line Caps)Withdrawn in 1965
541Goudy CatalogueCancelled in 1941
214Goudy Extra BoldRoman and Italic
214Goudy Heavysee Goudy Extra Bold
214Goudy Heavy Facesee Goudy Extra Bold
249Goudy ModernRoman and Italic
291Goudy Old StyleRoman and Italic
a394Goudy Old Style (Sorts)Withdrawn before 1966
292Goudy Text
439Goudy TitlingRoman
 -- Greek --
259   Antigone
571   Gill Sans Inclined
572   Gill Sans Upright
672   Gill Sans Light Upright
625   Gill Sans Bold Upright
585   Gill Sans Condensed
473   GreekWithdrawn in 1967
92   Greek: Bold Upright
91   Greek: Inclined
472   Greek: Inclined
283   Greek Perpetuasee Perpetua Greek
90   Greek: Upright
92   Greek Upright Displaysee Greek Bold Upright
683   Grotesque Condensed Upright
718   Grotesque Condensed Upright
486   Heavy Greeksee Sans-Serif
192   New Hellenic
553   Old Style Bold Inclined
283   PerpetuaWithdrawn in 1967
605   Placard Light Extra Condensed
668   Placard Condensed Upright
106   Porson
404   Porson CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
486   Sans-Serif
739   Spartan Light Upright
740   Spartan Upright
741   Spartan Bold Upright
565   Times Upright
566   Times Inclined
567   Times Bold Upright
667   Times Bold Inclined
893   Univers Bold Upright
989   Univers Medium Inclined
889   Univers Medium Upright
 (End of Greek section)
493Grosvenor Script
1lGrotesquesee Grotesque Bold Condensed
33Grotesquesee Grotesque Condensed
126Grotesquesee Grotesque Light No.1
215Grotesque (No.1)Roman and Italic
216Grotesquesee Grotesque Bold
274Grotesquesee Grotesque Light Condensed
389Grotesque No.2see Grotesque Light
212GrotesqueWithdrawn in 1964
73Grotesque Bold (No.3)Roman
216Grotesque Bold (No.1)Roman and Italic
680Grotesque BoldRoman
97Grotesque BoldWithdrawn in 1967
15Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.2)Roman and Italic
81Grotesque Bold CondensedRoman
11Grotesque Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
365Grotesque Bold CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
166Grotesque Bold Condensed No.4see Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling
166Grotesque Bold Condensed TitlingRoman
527Grotesque Bold Condensed TitlingRoman
150Grotesque Bold Extended (No.1)Roman and Italic
168Grotesque Bold ExtendedWithdrawn in 1967
524Grotesque Bold TitlingRoman
33Grotesque Condensed (No.2)Roman
318Grotesque Condensed (No.3)Roman
383Grotesque Condensed (No.4)Roman
4Grotesque CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
383Grotesque Condensed Heavysee Grotesque Condensed
523Grotesque Condensed TitlingRoman
215Grotesque Half Fatsee Grotesque No.1
126Grotesque Light (No.1)Roman and Italic
389Grotesque LightWithdrawn in 1967
274Grotesque Light Condensed (No.2)Roman
204Grotesque Light CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
405Grotesque Light CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
405Grotesque Narrowsee Grotesque Light Condensed
177Grotesque Newspaper Smallssee Newspaper Small Ads
216Grotesque ¾ Fatsee Grotesque Bold No.1
502Grotesque TimetableWithdrawn in 1967
524Grotesque Titlingsee Grotesque Bold Titling
533GrovuraWithdrawn in 1965
 -- Gujerathi --
460   Gujerathi
518   Gujerathi Bold
704   Gujerathi
 (End of Gujerathi section)
 -- Gurmukhi --
601   Gurmukhi Bold
604   Gurmukhi
604   Gurmukhi Lightsee Gurmukhi
 (End of Gurmukhi section)
208GwendolinWithdrawn in 1967
484Gustavus BoldWithdrawn in 1965
497Gustavus LightWithdrawn in 1965
531HaarlemmerWithdrawn in 1967
52Half Fat Modern Mediaevalsee Schurmann Antiqua Halbfette
595Headline BoldRoman and Italic
223Heavy Antiquesee Devonshire Bold
282Heavy Egyptiansee Egyptian Bold Condensed
365Heavy Narrow Gothicsee Grotesque Bold Condensed
435Heavy Shadow FrenchWithdrawn
337Heavy Small CapsWithdrawn in 1974
 -- Hebrew --
219   Ashurith (unpointed)
487   GillWithdrawn in 1967
222   Hebrew
219   Hebrew Ashurithsee Ashurith
221   Hebrew Levenimsee Levênim
220   Hebrew Peninimsee Peninim
228   Hebrew Rabbinicsee Rabinnic
547   Hebrew Schocken No.1Withdrawn in 1974
550   Hebrew Schocken No.2Withdrawn in 1967
551   Hebrew Schocken No.3Withdrawn in 1967
218   Hebrew Sonzino (pointed)see Sonzino
221   Levênim (unpointed)
492   Mayer
488   Mayer Pointed
220   Peninim (unpointed)
489   Peninim
217   Peninim Pointed
228   Rabbinic
218   Sonzino
 (End of Hebrew section)
765HelveticaRoman and Italic
766Helvetica MediumRoman and Italic
261Horley Old Face Heavysee Horley Old Style Bold
188Horley Old StyleSuperceded by 199. Withdrawn in 1965
199Horley Old StyleRoman and Italic
261Horley Old Style BoldRoman
923Hungry DutchRoman
101ImprintRoman and Italic
310Imprint BoldRoman and Italic
410Imprint Bold (No.2)Roman and Italic
310Imprint Heavy (No.1)see Imprint Bold
410Imprint Heavy No.2see Imprint Bold
101Imprint Old Facesee Imprint
190Imprint ShadowRoman and Italic
91Inclined Greeksee Greek Inclined
462IndicateurWithdrawn in 1967
366Inflex BoldRoman
503Inflex Timetablesee Bold Face
6Ionicsee Modern
342Ionic (No.2)Roman and Italic
153Ionic (No.4)Withdrawn in 1967
184Ionic (No.3)Withdrawn in 1967
265Ionic (No.1)Withdrawn in 1967
416Ionic (No.5)Withdrawn in 1967
451Ionic (No.6)Withdrawn in 1967
562Ionic Two-lineRoman
23Iroquois CondensedWithdrawn in 1964
108Italian Old StyleRoman and Italic
149Italian Old Style BoldRoman
149Italian Old Style Displaysee Italian Bold Style Bold
54Italic Displaysee Modern Bold Italic
646JansonWithdrawn in 1972
478JoannaRoman and Italic
369JocundaWithdrawn in 1967
311KaatskillWithdrawn in 1967
 -- Kannada --
588   Kannada
788   Kannada Bold
787   Kannada Semi-Bold
 (End of Kannada section)
9Latin AntiqueRoman
60Latin AntiqueRoman
78Latin AntiqueRoman
84Latin AntiqueWithdrawn in 1967
419Latin CondensedRoman
164Latin WideWithdrawn in 1967
450Laudian Old StyleRoman and Italic
454Laudian Old StyleDestroyed
548Lectern MissalRoman
348LeysbourneWithdrawn in 1965
505Light Extra Condensed
204Light Face Gothicsee Grotesque Light Condensed
113Light Face Plantinsee Plantin Light
522Light Placard Titlingsee Placard Condensed Titling
475Light Scriptsee Script Light
284LittleworthWithdrawn in 1967
293Lombardic Capitals(goes with Goudy Text 292)
517L.P.T.B. TitlingWithdrawn in 1965
255LutetiaRoman and Italic
 -- Malayalam --
590   Malayalam
660   Malayalam
 (End of Malayalam section)
347MardersteigWithdrawn in 1967
528Matura Scriptorial Capitals(goes with Matura 496)
125MediaevalRoman. Withdrawn in 1965
134MediaevalRoman. Withdrawn in 1965
136MediaevalRoman. Withdrawn in 1965
88Mediaeval Modernsee Modern Mediaeval
52Mediaeval Modern Half Fatsee Schurmann Antiqua Halbfette
67Mediaeval Old Stylesee Old Style
397MenhartRoman and Italic
584Mercurius Bold Script
448Missal No.3
459Missal No.4
1Modern (No.1)Roman and Italic
189Modern (No.3)Roman and Italic
6Modern (No.4)Withdrawn in 1967
80Modern (No.2)Withdrawn in 1967
95Modern (No.5)Withdrawn in 1967
183ModernWithdrawn in 1967
211Modernsee Century
250Modern (No.6)see Modern Condensed
257Modernsee Modern Wide
422Modern (No.7)Withdrawn in 1965
444ModernCancelled in 1936
471Modern (No.8)Withdrawn in 1967
570Modern BoldRoman
54Modern Bold ItalicItalic
263Modern Cancellation FountRoman
13Modern Condensed (No.1)Roman and Italic
14Modern Condensed (No.2)Roman and Italic
39Modern Condensed (No.3)Roman and Italic
79Modern Condensed No.4Withdrawn in 1965
250Modern CondensedRoman
7Modern Extended (No.1)Roman and Italic
77Modern Extended (No.2)Withdrawn in 1967
447Modern Extended (No.3)Withdrawn in 1965
237Modern French 
247Modern FrenchWithdrawn in 1965
88Modern MediaevalWithdrawn in 1964
52Modern Mediaeval (Half-Fat)see Schurmann Antiqua Halbfette
500Modern TimetableWithdrawn in 1967
179Modern TitlingRoman and Italic
16Modern Wide (No.1)Roman and Italic
18Modern Wide (No.2)Roman and Italic
25Modern Wide (No.3)Roman and Italic
26Modern Wide (No.4)Roman and Italic
30Modern Wide (No.5)Roman and Italic
75Modern Wide (No.6)Withdrawn in 1967
257Modern Wide (No.7)Withdrawn in 1967
a297Modernistic (Sorts)Withdrawn before 1966
351Monoline Script
537Morrison FaceWithdrawn in 1964
210Musical Signs
382Musical Signs
294Narrow Bembo Italicsee Bembo Condensed Italic
166Narrow Gothicsee Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling
527Narrow Gothic Titlingsee Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling
405Narrow Grotesquesee Grotesque Light Condensed
27Neo DidotRoman and Italic
65Neo Didot (No.2)Roman and Italic
617New ClarendonRoman and Italic
618New Clarendon BoldRoman
610New Emerald Bible
606New FaceSuspended in 1964
607New Face BoldSuspended in 1964
615New GrotesqueWithdrawn in 1974 (apart from "A")
616New Grotesque BoldWithdrawn in 1974 (apart from "A")
666New Grotesque LightWithdrawn in 1967 (apart from "A")
229News Advertisementssee Newspaper Small Ads
177Newspaper Small AdsWithdrawn in 1965
229Newspaper Small AdsWithdrawn in 1965
115Newspaper SmallsWithdrawn before 1966
163Newspaper SmallsWithdrawn in 1967
193Newspaper SmallsWithdrawn in 1965
333Newspaper Smalls (The Times)see Times Newspaper Smalls
335Newspaper Smalls (The Times)see Times Newspaper Smalls
603OctavianRoman and Italic
 -- Old Bulgarian --
597   Old Bulgarian
 (End of Old Bulgarian section)
456Old English Text (No.2)
356Old English TextWithdrawn in 1967
456Old English Text Lightsee Old English Text
43Old Facesee Scotch Roman
46Old Facesee Scotch Roman
137Old Facesee Scotch Roman
154Old Facesee Chiswell Old Face
240Old FaceWithdrawn in 1964
159Old Face Heavysee Old Style Bold
20Old Face (Special)Withdrawn in 1967
45Old Face StandardWithdrawn in 1967
2Old Style (No.2)Roman and Italic
151Old Style (No.4)Roman and Italic
67Old StyleWithdrawn in 1967
104Old StyleWithdrawn in 1964
3Old Style Antiquesee Antique Old Style
124Old Style Antiquesee Antique Old Style
161Old Style Antiquesee Antique Old Style
232Old Style Antique ItalicWithdrawn in 1965
53Old Style Bold (No.1)Roman and Italic
159Old Style Bold (No.2)Roman
544Old Style Bold (No.5)Roman
253Old Style BoldWithdrawn in 1967
245Old Style Bold ItalicWithdrawn in 1967
176Old Style Bold OutlineRoman
8Old Style CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
50Old Style CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
55Old Style Italic Displaysee Gloucester Bold Italic
122Old Style (Prumyslava)Roman
652OpusCancelled in 1966
 -- Oriya --
706   Oriya
 (End of Oriya section)
248Othello ShadowWithdrawn in 1967
176Outlinesee Old Style Bold Outline
429Palace Script
206PastonchiRoman and Italic
239PerpetuaRoman and Italic
316Perpetua (No.3)Withdrawn in 1967
386Perpetua (No.2)Withdrawn in 1967
461Perpetua BoldRoman and Italic
200Perpetua Bold TitlingRoman
480Perpetua Light TitlingRoman
561Perpetua Semi-BoldWithdrawn in 1963
258Perpetua TitlingRoman
543Perpetua TitlingWithdrawn in 1967
480Perpetua Titling Light Facesee Perpetua Light Titling
411Pierre DidotWithdrawn in 1965
453Pitman's i.t.a.
573Pitman's i.t.a.
506Placard Bold Condensed (No.1)Roman
515Placard Bold Condensed (No.2)Roman
568Placard CondensedRoman
522Placard Condensed TitlingRoman
505Placard Light Extra CondensedRoman
568Placard Medium Condensedsee Placard Condensed
110PlantinRoman and Italic
194Plantin BoldRoman and Italic
287Plantin BoldWithdrawn in 1968
236Plantin Bold CondensedRoman
289Plantin CondensedWithdrawn in 1967
194Plantin Heavysee Plantin Bold
236Plantin Heavy Condensedsee Plantin Bold Condensed
287Plantin Heavy No.2see Plantin Bold
113Plantin LightRoman and Italic
773Plantin LightRoman and Italic
113Plantin Light Facesee Plantin Light
281Plantin Old Style (No.2)Withdrawn in 1967
663Plantin Semi-BoldRoman and Italic
438Plantin TitlingRoman
139Plate Gothicsee Spartan Light
140Plate Gothicsee Spartan
141Plate Gothicsee Spartan Bold
142Plate Gothicsee Spartan Light Condensed
143Plate Gothicsee Spartan Condensed
145Plate Gothicsee Spartan Wide
144Plate Gothic Italicsee Spartan Italic
230Poliphilus TitlingRoman
398Poltawski BoldRoman
532Prayer Book Face (OUP)Cancelled
371RockwellRoman and Italic
391Rockwell BoldRoman and Italic
359Rockwell Bold CondensedRoman
414Rockwell CondensedRoman
424Rockwell Extra BoldRoman
424Rockwell Extra Heavysee Rockwell Extra Bold
391Rockwell Heavysee Rockwell Bold
359Rockwell Heavy Condensedsee Rockwell Bold Condensed
390Rockwell LightRoman and Italic
582Rockwell Light CondensedRoman and Italic
(Film Sub-Titles)
175Rockwell ShadowRoman
175Rockwell Shadow Titlingsee Rockwell Shadow
458RomulusRoman and Italic
520Romulus BoldRoman and Italic
10RonaldsonRoman and Italic
10Ronaldson Old Stylesee Ronaldson
420Runic CondensedRoman
669SabonRoman and Italic
673Sabon Semi-BoldRoman
499Sachsenwald MagerWithdrawn in 1965
15Sans-Serifsee Grotesque Bold Condensed
81Sans-Serifsee Grotesque Bold Condensed
267Sans-SerifWithdrawn in 1965
318Sans-Serif Condensedsee Grotesque Condensed
186Schmale Nurnburger GotischWithdrawn in 1965
22SchoefferWithdrawn in 1964
52Schurmann Antiqua HalbfetteWithdrawn in 1967
46Scotch Roman (No.1)Roman and Italic
137Scotch Roman (No.2)Roman and Italic
43Scotch RomanWithdrawn in 1967
322Scriptsee Script Bold
385Scriptsee Wenceslas Script
436Script: Dorchestersee Dorchester Script
493Script: Grosvenorsee Grosvenor Script
455Script: Templesee Temple Script
322Script Bold
475Script Light
351Script Monolinesee Monoline Script
434Shadow FrenchWithdrawn
234Shakespeare TitlingWithdrawn in 1967
 -- Sinhalese --
557   Sinhalese
657   Sinhalese Bold
698   Sinhalese Italic
699   Sinhalese Bold Italic
 (End of Sinhalese section)
276SolusWithdrawn in 1967
368Solus BoldWithdrawn in 1967
368Solus Heavysee Solus Bold
141Spartan BoldRoman
143Spartan CondensedRoman
144Spartan ItalicItalic
139Spartan LightRoman
142Spartan Light CondensedRoman
145Spartan WideRoman
556SpectrumRoman and Italic
756Spectrum Semi-BoldRoman and Italic
196Surrey Old StyleWithdrawn in 1967
583Swing Bold
 -- Syrian --
564   Syriac 'Estrangelo'
 (End of Syrian section)
 -- Tamil --
280   Tamil
340   Tamil Bold
581   Tamil BoldCancelled
340   Tamil Heavysee Tamil Bold
580   Tamil Medium
708   Tamil Medium
 (End of Tamil section)
 -- Telugu --
426   TeluguWithdrawn in 1969
626   Telugu Medium
726   Telugu Bold
 (End of Telugu section)
445TempestWithdrawn in 1973
455Temple Script
 -- Thai --
577   Thai
608   Thai Light
611   Thai Bold
621   Thai Medium
628   Thai Light Italic
 (End of Thai section)
334Times BoldRoman and Italic
345Times BoldRoman
360Times BoldRoman
328Times Bold Titling (No.2)Roman
332Times Bold TitlingRoman
639Times Cosmoli TitlingWithdrawn in 1966
339Times Extended TitlingRoman
569Times Four-line Mathematics
355Times Hever TitlingRoman
333Times Newspaper SmallsRoman
335Times Newspaper SmallsRoman
327Times New RomanRoman and Italic
421Times New Roman Semi-BoldRoman and Italic
427Times New Roman WideRoman and Italic
627Times New Roman BookRoman and Italic
474Times New Roman Heavy BookDestroyed
727Times New Roman (Light Caps)Roman
827Times New Roman (French)Roman and Italic
329Times TitlingRoman
358Times TitlingWithdrawn in 1967
179Titlingsee Modern Titling
180Titlingsee Victoria Bold Condensed Titling
181Titlingsee Victoria Condensed Titling
182Titlingsee Victoria Titling
183Titlingsee Modern
209Titlingsee Caslon Titling
234Titlingsee Shakespeare Titling
440TitlingWithdrawn in 1965
522Titlingsee Placard Condensed Titling
332Titling Bold (The Times)see Times Bold Titling
HTitling (Caps)Roman
180Titling Condensedsee Victoria Bold Condensed Titling
339Titling Extended (The Times)see Times Extended Titling
328Titling Heavy (The Times)see Times Bold Titling
355Titling Hever (The Times)see Times Hever Titling
179Titling ItalicWithdrawn before 1966
179Titling Modern No.1see Modern Titling
329Titling (The Times)see Times Titling
325Tonic Sol-Fa
114TrojanWithdrawn in 1967
82Typewriter (No.1)Roman
100Typewriter (No.2)Roman
105Typewriter (No.3)Roman
127Typewriter (No.4)Roman
235Typewriter (No.5)(Elite) Roman
301Typewriter (No.6)(Elite) Roman
302Typewriter (No.7)(Pica) Withdrawn in 1967
344Typewriter (No.8)(Imperial) Withdrawn in 1967
602Typewriter IBM "Executive''Roman
82Typewriter UnderlinedRoman
100Typewriter UnderlinedRoman
105Typewriter UnderlinedRoman
120Ultra Bodonisee Bodoni Ultra Bold
684Univers Extra Light Extra CondensedRoman
685Univers LightRoman and Italic
686Univers Light CondensedRoman and Italic
687Univers Light Extra CondensedRoman
688Univers Medium ExpandedRoman
689Univers MediumRoman and Italic
690Univers Medium CondensedRoman and Italic
691Univers Medium Extra CondensedRoman
692Univers Bold ExpandedRoman
693Univers BoldRoman and Italic
694Univers Bold CondensedRoman and Italic
695Univers Extra Bold ExpandedRoman
696Univers Extra BoldRoman and Italic
697Univers Ultra Bold ExpandedRoman
222Unpointed Hebrewsee Hebrew
90Upright Greeksee Greek Upright
 -- Urdu --
507   Urdu
707   Urdu Bold
 (End of Urdu section)
203Van DijckRoman and Italic
520Van Krimpen Boldsee Romulus Bold
59VeroneseWithdrawn in 1967
180Victoria Bold Condensed TitlingRoman
181Victoria Condensed TitlingRoman
182Victoria TitlingRoman
374WalbaumRoman and Italic
674WalbaumRoman and Italic
375Walbaum MediumRoman and Italic
385Wenceslas ScriptWithdrawn in 1967
97Wide Gothicsee Grotesque Bold
164Wide Latinsee Latin Wide
273Wigan CondensedWithdrawn in 1965
123Worcester Old FaceWithdrawn in 1965

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