Monotype Metal Type Faces

Based on information in the Specimen Book of 'Monotype' Printing Types, c.1970 published by The Monotype Corporation, London. Supplemented by information in earlier specimen sheets, in various editions of Monotype's Book of Information, and lists held by the Type Archive, London. A few faces listed below in italics are U.S. Lanston Monotype faces, but were available in U.K. from the Matrix Loan Library in 1939, although no longer listed in 1958. They are included below as specimen sheets were in an earlier copy of the Specimen Book of 'Monotype' Printing Types.

This list is in numeric Series number order, and includes non-Latin faces. The list can be seen in alphabetic order, if preferred, although that list omits the UA and designer information, and the L series. Note that the Series numbers shown here are those used by Monotype Corporation/Monotype International in the U.K., and not by Lanston Monotype in the U.S. The two companies used different numbers and different names for faces, and the same names for different faces. Thus it cannot be assumed that a face listed here as Caslon or Garamond, for example, will be the same design as a similarly named face in the U.S.A. There is a useful numeric order list of U.S. Monotype faces in McGrew, American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century (Oak Knoll Books, 1993).

Where a serial number had a different name in earlier specimen books, the earlier name is shown beneath the later name. For some time, families of faces were distinguished by a No. and this is shown after the name of the face, although the practice was discontinued by 1970.

The Comment column shows the origin date, if known. It may be either the date of cutting, or the date of actual release. Much of the information on date and designer comes from Monotype's Book of Information 1970. If a face was withdrawn by Monotype, this is also shown in the comment column. A list of faces being withdrawn was issued by Monotype in 1966, but most withdrawal dates are based on information held at the Type Archive, London, and generally imply the date the matrices were scrapped.

The U.A. (Unit Arrangement No.) shows the unit arrangement(s) allocated to composition sizes of the typeface. Within one arrangement, each character in the fount is given a unit width, usually between 4 and 18, with 18 corresponding to an em. Thus U.A. 1 has a=9, A=13, a=9, A=14, and b=10, B=13, b=8, B=13, etc. Several typefaces may be able to share the same U.A., whereas others may need a different U.A. for each size, etc., depending upon the actual design of the face. The U.A. is used for creating a matrix layout, and matching a stopbar and wedge.

For non-Latin faces, there is now a link to the point sizes and set widths of many of the faces.

1Modern (No.1)Roman and Italic1:(6-12pt) 1a:(14pt)
1901, based on a Miller & Richards face
2Old Style (No.2)Roman and Italic1:(6-12pt) 1a:(14pt)
1901, based on a Miller & Richards face
3Antique Old Style (No.3)
(aka Old Style Antique)
Roman and Italic
4Grotesque Condensed
(aka Gothic)
Roman 1902
W/d in 1967
5Albion (No.1)Roman2
6Modern (No.4)
(aka Ionic)
Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
7Modern Extended (No.1)Roman and Italic1
1902, slightly expanded version of Modern 1
8Old Style CondensedRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
9Latin Antique
(aka Antique Latin)
(aka Ronaldson Old Style)
Roman and Italic1
11Grotesque Bold Condensed
(aka Grotesque)
Roman 1908
W/d in 1967
11Grotesque Bold CondensedCyrillic. W/d in 1967 
12ClarendonRoman 19032
13Modern Condensed (No.1)Roman and Italic1
14Modern Condensed (No.2)Roman and Italic1
15Grotesque Bold Condensed (No.2)
(aka Sans-Serif or Sanserif)
Roman and Italic
2:(roman) 3:(italic)
16Modern Wide (No.1)Roman and Italic1
17CushingRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
17CushingCyrillic 1907
W/d in 1967
18Modern Wide (No.2)Roman and Italic1
19ElzevirRoman and Italic1
20Old Face (Special)Roman and Italic 1903
W/d in 1967
21De Vinne Condensed
(aka De Vinne)
W/d in 1967
22SchoefferRoman. W/d in 19642
23Iroquois CondensedRoman. W/d in 19642
24GaelicGaelic 190323:(6-12pt) 108:(14-18pt) 109:(24pt)
25Modern Wide (No.3)Roman and Italic1
26Modern Wide (No.4)Roman and Italic1
27Neo DidotRoman and Italic 19041
27Neo DidotCyrillic 
28Wittenberger FrakturFraktur 1904 
29Wittenberger Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur 
30Modern Wide (No.5)Roman and Italic1
31Armin FrakturFraktur 
32Armin Fraktur FetteFraktur 
33Grotesque Condensed (No.2)
(aka Grotesque)
Roman2:(6-13½pt) 395:(22pt)
33Grotesque CondensedCyrillic 
34Armin Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1967 
35Neue SchwabacherFraktur 
36Neue Schwabacher HalbfetteFraktur 
37Bamberger FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
38FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1964 
39Modern Condensed (No.3)Roman and Italic1
39Modern CondensedCyrillic 
40Kasseler FrakturFraktur 
41Kasseler Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur 
42Albion (No.2)
(aka Albion Half Fat)
43Scotch Roman
(aka Old Face)
Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
44French Round FaceRoman and Italic1
44French Round FaceCyrillic 
45Old Face StandardRoman and Italic
1906-7. W/d in 1967
46Scotch Roman (No.1)
(aka Old Face)
Roman and Italic 19101
Based on Richard Austin's face for Miller & Richards c.1809
47Regensburger FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
48Bamberger Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1964 
49Bamberger Fraktur FetteFraktur. W/d in 1967 
50Old Style CondensedRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
51Grotesque (No.2)Roman 19102:(6-12pt) 124:(14-18pt) 125:(24pt)
51Grotesque (No.2)Cyrillic 
52Schurmann Antiqua Halbfette
(aka Modern Mediaeval (Half-Fat))
W/d in 1967
53Old Style Bold (No.1)
(aka Bold Face)
Roman and Italic 19113:(roman 5½-12pt) 76:(italic 6-12pt) 100:(roman 14-18pt) 101:(roman 24pt)
54Modern Bold Italic
(aka Italic Display)
55Gloucester Bold Italic (No.2)
(aka Old Style Italic Display)
W/d in 1967
56Kölner FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1972 
57Kölner Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1967 
58Kölner Fraktur FetteFraktur. W/d in 1972 
59VeroneseRoman and Italic 1911
W/d in 1967
4:(11-12pt) 106:(roman 14-18pt) 128:(italic 14-18pt) 107:(roman 24pt) 129:(italic 24pt)
60Latin Antique (No.2)
(aka Antique Latin)
61Solis FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
62Solis Fraktur FetteFraktur. W/d in 1964 
63Albion (No.3)Roman2
64Moderne FrakturFraktur 
65Neo Didot (No.2)Roman and Italic1
66Moderne Fraktur FetteFraktur 
67Old Style
(aka Mediaeval Old Style)
Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
68French Old Style (No.1)Roman and Italic1
68French Old StyleCyrillic 
69French Old Style Bold
(aka French Old Style (Half-Fat))
69French Old Style BoldCyrillic 
70Albion (No.4)Roman2
71DidotRoman and Italic1
72Egyptian ExtendedRoman3
73Grotesque Bold (No.3)
(aka Gothic Extended)
74Albion Extended
(aka Antique Extended)
75Modern Wide (No.6)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
75Modern WideCyrillic. W/d in 1967 
76French Face ExtendedRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
77Modern Extended (No.2)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
77Modern ExtendedCyrillic. W/d in 1967 
78Latin Antique (No.3)
(aka Antique Latin)
79Modern Condensed (No.4)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1965
80Modern (No.2)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
81Grotesque Bold Condensed
(aka Sans-Serif or Sanserif)
82Typewriter (No.1)Roman28
82Typewriter (No.1)Roman Underlined28
83Wurzberger FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1972 
84Latin Antique
(aka Antique Latin)
W/d in 1967.
85Gaelic DisplayGaelic24:(8-12pt) 110:(14-18pt) 111:(24pt)
86Moderne SchwabacherFraktur. W/d in 1972 
87Moderne Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1967 
88Modern Mediaeval
(aka Mediaeval Modern)
Roman and Italic
W/d in 1964
89Neudeutsche Fraktur
(aka Fraktur Antiqua)
W/d in 1967
90Greek: Upright
(aka Upright Greek)
Greek. 191026
91Greek: Inclined
(aka Inclined Greek)
92Greek: Bold Upright
(aka Greek Upright Display)
93Moderne Schwabacher HalfbetteFraktur. W/d in 1972 
94Große Moderne FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
95Modern (No.5)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
96GothicRussian. W/d in 1965 
97Grotesque Bold (No.2)
(aka Wide Gothic)
W/d in 1967
97Grotesque BoldCyrillic. W/d in 1967 
98Alte 'Monotype' FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1972 
99Gloucester Old Style
(aka Gloucester)
Roman and Italic. 1911,
based on Bertram Goodhue's Cheltenham
116:(18pt) 117:(24pt)
100Typewriter (No.2)Roman28
100Typewriter (No.2)Roman Underlined28
(aka Imprint Old Face)
Roman and Italic. 1912,
by Meynell/Mason/Johnston, based on Caslon
4:(6-13½pt) 106:(16pt & roman 18pt) 128:(italic 18pt) 107:(roman 24pt) 129:(italic 24pt)
102Alte SchwabacherFraktur. W/d in 1972 
103Gloucester BoldRoman and Italic5:(6-14pt) 103:(18pt) 119:(24pt)
104Old StyleRoman and Italic
W/d in 1964
105Typewriter (No.3)Roman28
105Typewriter (No.3)Roman Underlined 28
(aka Greek: Porson)
107Egyptian (No.1)Roman2
108Italian Old StyleRoman and Italic 1919,
release delayed by war
109French Old StyleRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
110PlantinRoman and Italic. 1913, based on Granjon's
type for Plantin
4:(5½-12pt) 4a:(13½pt) 363:(14pt) 106:(roman 18pt) 128:(italic 18pt) 107:(roman 24pt) 129:(italic 24pt)
111French ModernRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
112Egyptian CondensedRoman. W/d in 19672
113Plantin Light
(aka Plantin Light Face or Light Face Plantin
Roman and Italic4:(6-12pt) 106:(roman 18pt) 128:(italic 18pt) 107:(roman 24pt) 129:(italic 24pt)
113Plantin LightCyrillic 
114TrojanRoman. W/d in 196781
115Newspaper Smalls
(aka Newspaper Small Adverts)
W/d before 1966
116Breitkopf FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1972 
117Gaelic Sans-Serif
(aka Gaelic or Gaelic Display)
118Mainzer FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1972 
119BladoItalic. 1923, based on Arrighi 152653:(10-13pt) 139:(roman 16pt) 142:(italic 16pt)
120Bodoni Ultra Bold
(aka Ultra Bodoni)
Roman and Italic 
120Bodoni Ultra BoldCyrillic 
121Gaelic: Colm Cille
(aka Colum Cille)
Gaelic407:(10pt) 147:(14pt)
122Old Style (Prumyslava)Roman453
123Worcester Old FaceRoman and Italic
W/d in 1965
124Antique Old Style (No.1)
(aka Old Style Antique)
Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
(l.c. and three caps only)
W/d in 1965 
126Grotesque Light (No.1)
(aka Grotesque)
Roman and Italic420:(roman 5-5½pt) 431:(italic 5-5½pt) 64:(roman 6½-13pt) 396:(italic 6½-13pt)
127Typewriter (No.4)Roman28
(aka Caslon Old Face)
Roman and Italic. 1915, based on Caslon 17347:(8pt) 8:(9pt) 9:(10pt) 10:(11pt) 11:(12pt) 12:(small 14pt) 384:(large 14pt) 104:(18pt) 160:(20-small 24pt) 105:(large 24pt)
129Egyptian Bold (No.1)
(aka Egyptian)
W/d in 1967
131De VinneRoman. W/d in 1967400
132Mainzer Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur 
133Chu YinW/d in 1967 
134MediaevalRoman. W/d in 19654
135Bodoni (No.3)Roman and Italic. 1921, based on
Bodoni 1740-1813
1:(6-12pt) 398:(14pt) 77:(roman large 14-18pt) 161:(italic large 14-18pt) 78:(roman 24pt) 425:(italic 24pt)
136MediaevalRoman. W/d in 19654
137Scotch Roman (No.2)
(aka Old Face)
Roman and Italic. 192013:(8pt) 14:(9pt) 15:(10pt) 16:(11pt) 17:(12pt) 144:(roman 14-24pt) 151:(italic 14-18pt)
138Bold Face No.3Roman. W/d in 19653
139Spartan Light
(aka Plate Gothic)
(aka Gothic Plate or Plate Gothic)
Roman18:(6-12pt) 157:(4&5 24pt) 155:(2&3 24pt)
141Spartan Bold
(aka Gothic Plate or Plate Gothic)
142Spartan Light Condensed
(aka Plate Gothic)
Roman146:(5pt) 18:(6-12pt)
143Spartan Condensed
(aka Gothic Plate or Plate Gothic)
144Spartan Italic
(aka Plate Gothic Italic)
145Spartan Wide
(aka Plate Gothic)
146Engravers' Titling
(aka Engraver's Title)
147Engravers' Bold Titling
(aka Engravers' Titling or Engraver's Title or Engravers' Titling Bold)
148French Old StyleRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
149Italian Old Style Bold
(aka Italian Old Style Display)
Roman5:(6-13pt) 131:(14-18pt) 132:(24pt)
150Grotesque Bold Extended (No.1)
(aka Gothic)
Roman and Italic22:(roman 6pt) 309:(italic 6pt) 40:(roman 8-14pt) 310:(italic 7-12pt) 148:(roman 18pt) 149:(roman 24pt)
151Old Style (No.4)Roman and Italic20:(6-11pt) 20a:(12pt) 52:(small 14pt) 133:(roman 18-24pt) 358:(italic 18pt)
152Gloucester Wide
(aka Gloucester Old Style Wide)
Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
36:(6-12pt) 134:(roman 18pt) 135:(roman 24pt)
153Ionic (No.4)
(aka Antique Extended)
W/d in 1967
154Chiswell Old Face
(aka Old Face)
Roman and Italic102:(roman 14-18pt) 103:(roman 24pt)
156GaramondRoman and Italic. 1922. Roman based
on Jannon 1620, Italic on Granjon 16c.
37:(6pt-12D) 99(14D) 114:(roman 14-24pt) 115:(italic 14-24pt)
157Clearface BoldRoman and Italic2:(roman 6-12pt) 120:(roman 14-18pt) 123:(roman 24pt)
158Gloucester Old Style
(aka Gloucester Old Style Condensed or Gloucester)
Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
159Old Style Bold (No.2)
(aka Old Face Heavy)
Roman32:(8-12pt) 112:(14-18pt) 113:(24pt)
160Gloucester Bold Italic (No.1)Italic3
161Antique Old Style (No.2)
(aka Old Style Antique)
Roman and Italic29:(roman 6-11pt) 41:(roman 12pt) 126:(roman 14-18pt) 127:(roman 24pt) 54:(italic 6-12pt)
W/d in 1967
163Newspaper SmallsW/d in 1967 
164Latin Wide
(aka Wide Latin)
W/d in 1967
165CochinRoman and Italic. 1927, based on
Peignot 1812, based on Cochin 18c.
67:(6D-13pt) 174:(roman 14pt) 173:(italic 14pt)
166Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling
(aka Grotesque Bold Condensed No.4
or Gothic Narrow or Narrow Gothic)
Roman403:(12pt) 121:(14pt)
166Grotesque Bold Condensed TitlingCyrillic 
167De Vinne Italic
(aka Bold Face or Bold Italic)
W/d in 1967
168Grotesque Bold Extended (No.2)
(aka Gothic)
W/d in 1967
169BaskervilleRoman and Italic. 1923, based on Baskerville 175743:(6-14pt) 136:(large 14-24pt) also 141:(italic 14-18pt) 150:(italic 24pt)
170PoliphilusRoman. 1923, based on Griffo's 1496 type
for Aldus
53:(10-13pt) 139:(roman 16pt) 142:(italic 16pt)
171Egyptian Bold
(aka Eqyptian)
W/d in 1967
172Gloucester BoldRoman. W/d in 19675
173Egyptian (No.4)Roman137:(14-18pt) 138:(24pt)
174Garamond Italic (No.2)Italic. The Roman was w/d before 196642:(6-12pt) 140:(14-24pt)
175Rockwell Shadow
(aka Rockwell Shadow Titling)
176Old Style Bold Outline
(aka Outline or Bold Face Outline)
177Newspaper Small Ads (aka Gothic
or Grotesque Newspaper Smalls)
W/d in 1965
178BarbouRoman and Italic. 1926, based on Fournier 1742447
179Modern Titling
(aka Titling or Titling Modern No.1)
Roman and Italic
The Italic was w/d before 1966
47:(roman 8-11pt) 48:(italic 8pt) 46:(roman 12pt)
180Victoria Bold Condensed Titling
(aka Titling or Titling Condensed or Titling: Victoria Bold Condensed)
181Victoria Condensed Titling
(aka Titling)
182Victoria Titling
(aka Titling or Titling: Victoria)
(aka Titling)
W/d in 1967
184Ionic (No.3)
(aka Egyptian)
W/d in 1967
(aka Fournier Old Face)
Roman and Italic 192559:(8-13½pt) 446:(14pt)
Based on Fournier's St Augustin Ordinaire 1742
186Schmale Nurnburger GotischW/d in 1965 
187Schmalfette Frankfurter FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
188Horley Old Style
(superceded by series 199)
W/d in 1965 
189Modern (No.3)Roman and Italic1
190Imprint ShadowRoman and Italic4:(roman) 68:(italic)
192New HellenicGreek73
193Newspaper SmallsRoman. W/d in 1965 
194Plantin Bold
(aka Plantin Heavy)
Roman and Italic5:(roman 6-13½pt) 3:(italic 6-12pt) 158:(roman 14pt) 381:(italic 14pt)
194Plantin BoldCyrillic 
195Bodoni BoldRoman3
196Surrey Old StyleRoman. W/d in 1967 
197CanterburyRoman. W/d in 196757
198Gloucester Bold CondensedRoman60
199Horley Old StyleRoman and Italic56:(6-13pt) 362:(14pt) 367:(18pt) 368:(24pt)
200Perpetua Bold TitlingRoman145
201Garamond Bold
(aka Garamond Heavy)
Roman and Italic61:(roman 6-12pt) 315:(italic 6-12pt) 342:(roman 14pt) 154:(roman 18-24pt)
201Garamond BoldCyrillic 
203Van DijckRoman and Italic. 1935, by Jan van
Krimpen, from 17c types
354:(7-14pt) 423:(14-18pt)
204Grotesque Light Condensed
(aka Light Face Gothic or Gothic Light Face)
W/d in 1967
205Unger FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1972 
206PastonchiRoman and Italic. 192769:(9-13pt) 175:(roman 14pt)
207Antique Old Style
(aka Antique (No.1))
Roman and Italic70
208GwendolinW/d in 1967 
209Caslon Titling
(aka Titling)
210Musical Signs  
211Century (No.2)
(aka Modern)
212GrotesqueRoman. W/d in 196462
213Bernard Condensed
(aka Condensed Bold)
214Goudy Extra Bold
(aka Goudy Heavy or Goudy Heavy Face)
Roman and Italic95
215Grotesque (No.1)
(aka Grotesque Half Fat)
Roman and Italic. 1926, based on a
German origin
421:(roman 5pt) 429:(italic 5pt) 65:(roman 6½-13pt) 401:(italic 6½-13pt)
216Grotesque Bold (No.1)
(aka Grotesque or Grotesque ¾ Fat)
Roman and Italic422:(roman 5pt) 66:(roman 6½-13pt) 440:(italic 8-13pt)
217Peninim Pointed
(aka Hebrew Peninim Pointed)
218Sonzino (Pointed)
(aka Hebrew Sonzino Pointed)
219Ashurith (Unpointed)
(aka Hebrew Ashurith)
220Peninim (Unpointed)
(aka Hebrew Peninim)
221Levênim (Unpointed)
(aka Hebrew Levenim)
(aka Unpointed Hebrew)
223Devonshire Bold
(aka Heavy Antique)
W/d in 1967
224Devonshire Bold Condensed
(aka Condensed Heavy Antique)
W/d in 1967
226Treyford(for O.U.P.) 
227Century Schoolbook
(aka Century (No.1))
Roman and Italic. 1934, re-cut from
Century magazine 1894
369:(10-14pt) 370:(18-24pt)
(aka Hebrew Rabbinic)
229Newspaper Small Ads
(aka News Advertisements)
W/d in 1965 
230Poliphilus TitlingRoman 
231Gill Sans Titling
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Titling)
232Old Style Antique ItalicItalic. W/d in 1965373
233Gill Sans Cameo
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Cameo)
233Gill Sans CameoCyrillic 
234Shakespeare Titling
(aka Titling: Shakespeare)
W/d in 1967
235Typewriter (No.5)
(aka Elite Typewriter)
236Plantin Bold Condensed
(aka Plantin Heavy Condensed)
Roman72:(6-13pt) 366:(14pt) 
237Modern French(for Imprimerie Nationale) 
238Ashley CrawfordW/d in 1967 
239PerpetuaRoman and Italic. 1928, by Eric Gill96
240Old FaceRoman and Italic
W/d in 1964
241Egyptian(for Imprimerie Nationale) 
242Gloucester Condensed
(aka Gloucester Old Style Condensed)
Roman. W/d in 196774
243Gloucester Bold ExtendedRoman75
244Gothic CapsRoman. W/d in 196579
245Old Style Bold Italic
(aka Bold Face Italic No.2)
W/d in 1967
247Modern French(for Imprimerie Nationale)
W/d in 1965
248Othello ShadowRoman. W/d in 1967 
249Goudy ModernRoman and Italic. 1929, by Frederic Goudy87
250Modern Condensed
(aka Modern (No.6))
251Egyptian Condensed (No.3)
(aka Egyptian)
(The Italic aka Arrighi Italic)
Roman and Italic90:(6-12pt) 322:(14pt) 165:(roman large 14-24pt) 166:(italic large 14-24pt)
1929. Roman based on Wiebking for Bruce Rogers 1914, based on Jenson's Venetian 1470. Italic by Frederic Warde based on Arrighi's Chancery 1524
253Old Style Bold
(aka Bold Face No.2 or Bold Face Special Line)
W/d in 1967
254Bodoni (No.4)Roman 1925
W/d in 1967
255LutetiaRoman and Italic. 1930 by Jan van Krimpen.
As cut by Enschedé 1925
334:(9pt) 306:(10pt) 307:(13pt) 308:(14D) 170:(roman 16D) 171:(italic 16D) 172:(roman 20D)
256Dürer FrakturFraktur 
257Modern Wide (No.7)
(aka Modern)
Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
258Perpetua TitlingRoman97
260Bodoni Bold (No.2)
(aka Bodoni Heavy)
Roman and Italic2:(roman 6-13pt) 143:(italic 6-13pt) 417:(roman 14pt) 416:(italic 14pt)
260Bodoni BoldCyrillic 
261Horley Old Style Bold
(aka Horley Old Face Heavy)
262Gill Sans
(aka Gill Sans-serif)
Roman and Italic. 1929, by Eric Gill82:(roman 5-14pt) 311:(italic 5-14pt) 383:(roman 18pt)
262Gill SansCyrillic 
263Modern Cancellation FountRoman1
264AlbionW/d in 1965 
265Ionic (No.1)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
266Gloucester Bold CondensedW/d in 1965 
267Sans-serifW/d in 1965 
268Goudy CatalogueRoman and Italic83
269Goudy Bold (No.1)Roman and Italic88
(aka Aldine Bembo)
Roman and Italic. 1929. Roman based
on Griffo 1495 for Aldus, Italic on Tagliente 1529
91:(6-14pt) 163:(roman 16pt) 164:(italic 16pt) 169:(roman 18-24pt) 168:(italic 24pt)
271Cloister BoldRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
272Cloister Old StyleRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
273Wigan CondensedRoman. W/d in 1965 
274Grotesque Light Condensed (No.2)
(aka Grotesque)
Roman427:(5D) 94:(6D-13D)
275Gill Sans Bold
(aka Gill Bold Sans-Serif)
Roman and Italic93:(roman 5-14pt) 302:(italic 5½-14pt) 402:(roman 18pt)
275Gill Sans BoldCyrillic302
276SolusRoman 1929. W/d in 1967320
277Unger Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1972 
279Ashley Crawford PlainRoman. W/d in 1967 
281Plantin Old Style (No.2)Roman. W/d in 1967305
282Egyptian Bold Condensed
(aka Heavy Egyptian)
(aka Greek Perpetua)
Greek. W/d in 1967 
284LittleworthRoman. W/d in 1967371
285Fournier Shortened Capitals
(aka Fournier Old Face (Shortened Caps))
Roman and Italic59
286Deutsch Romisch BoldRoman. W/d in 1967304
287Plantin Bold
(aka Plantin Heavy No.2)
W/d in 1968
288Bodoni (No.1)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1966
289Plantin CondensedRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
290Gill Sans Shadow Line
(aka Gill Sans-serif Shadowline)
291Goudy Old StyleRoman and Italic312
1930, by Frederic Goudy (copy of an ATF face)
292Goudy Textfraktur339
293Lombardic CapitalsRoman343
294Bembo Condensed Italic
(aka Narrow Bembo Italic)
Italic360:(10-13pt) 361:(16pt)
a294Goudy Bold (Lanston Monotype)Roman. Loan Library omitted after 1958 
295Centaur TitlingRoman 
a295Cloister Bold (Lanston Monotype)Loan Library omitted after 1958 
296Erfurter FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1964 
297Acier(not issued). W/d in 1965 
a297Modernistic (Lanston Monotype)Roman. Loan Library omitted after 1958 
298Deutsch RomischRoman and Italic
W/d in 1970
299Gill Sans Cameo Ruled
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Cameo Ruled)
300Ulmer Fraktur FetteFraktur. W/d in 1964 
301Typewriter (No.6)(Elite) Roman 28
302Typewriter (No.7)(Pica) Roman
W/d in 1967
303Gloucester BoldRoman. W/d in 1965 
304Gill Sans Shadow Titling
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Shadow)
306Crossword Puzzle Solution  
a306Broadway (Lanston Monotype)Roman. Loan Library omitted after 1958 
307AntiqueRoman and Italic
W/d in 1965
a307Broadway Engraved (Lanston Monotype)Loan Library omitted after 1958 
308Helen FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1964 
309Crossword SquaresCancelled 
Issued instead as Crossword Puzzle (Specials), S2611-2641, S2643, S2727-2746, S3976-3986.
310Imprint Bold
(aka Imprint Heavy (No.1))
Roman and Italic98
311KaatskillRoman. W/d in 1967 
312Baskerville Bold
(aka Baskerville Heavy)
Roman and Italic332
313Baskerville Semi-bold
(aka Baskerville Bold)
Roman and Italic332
a313Gallia (Lanston Monotype)Roman. Loan Library omitted after 1958 
314Fridericus AntiquaRoman and Italic301
315Hutten FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1964 
316Perpetua (No.3)Roman. W/d in 196796
317Gill Sans Bold TitlingRoman 
318Grotesque Condensed (No.3)
(aka Sans-serif Condensed)
Roman388:(5D-6pt) 300:(6D-13pt)
319Acier Grey and WhiteNot issued. W/d in 1965 
320EmersonRoman and Italic
1936 by Joseph Blumenthal
321Gill Sans Extra Bold
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Extar Heavy)
322Script Bold
(aka Script)
323FalstaffRoman and Italic
1931 based on 19c type
324Albertus TitlingRoman 
325Tonic Sol-Fa  
326Daily Mail ModernW/d in 1974 
327Times New RomanRoman and Italic. 1932, by Stanley Morison325:(4¼-14pt) 426:(16-18pt)
327Times New RomanCyrillic 
328Times Bold Titling (No.2)
(aka The Times Heavy Titling)
329Times TitlingRoman328
330Egyptian Bold
(aka Egyptian)
Roman. W/d in 19673
331Zethmeyer FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1964 
332Times Bold TitlingRoman 
333Times Newspaper Smalls
(aka Newspaper Small Ads (The Times))
334Times Bold
(aka Bold (The Times))
Roman and Italic324:(roman 5½-14pt) 325:(italic 5½-14pt)
334Times BoldCyrillic 
335Times Newspaper Smalls
(aka Newspaper Small Ads (The Times))
337Heavy Small Caps(for Imprimerie Nationale). W/d in 1974 
338Gill Sans Shadow (No.3)
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Two Colour)
339Times Extended TitlingRoman327
340Tamil Bold
(aka Tamil Heavy)
341BellRoman and Italic314
1932, based on Richard Austin's 1788 type for Bell
342Ionic (No.2)Roman and Italic317
343Gill Sans Bold Condensed
(aka Gill Sans-serif Bold Condensed or Gill Bold Condensed Sans-Serif)
344Typewriter (No.8)(Imperial). W/d in 196728
345Times Bold
(aka Bold (The Times))
346Devanagari BoldDevenagari 
347MardersteigW/d in 1967 
348LeysbourneRoman. W/d in 1965359
349Gill Sans (No.2)
(aka Gill Sans-serif)
Roman and Italic345
350Gill Sans Bold (No.2)Roman346
351Monoline Script
(aka Script Monoline)
352CentaurRoman and Italic389:(roman 18pt) 166:(italic 18pt)
353Gill Sans Poster
(aka Gill Sans-Serif)
354Antique (No.2)Roman. W/d in 1967335
355Times Hever TitlingRoman323
356Old English TextFraktur. W/d in 1967318
357Bodoni (No.2)
(aka Bodoni Book)
Roman and Italic319
358Times TitlingW/d in 1967 
359Rockwell Bold Condensed
(aka Rockwell Heavy Condensed)
360Times Bold (No.3)
(aka Bold (The Times))
361Gloucester Bold TitlingW/d in 1967 
362Gill Sans Light
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Light)
Roman and Italic82:(roman) 311:(italic)
362Gill Sans LightCyrillic 
363Enge Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1967 
364Goudy Catalogue (No.2)Roman and Italic1:(5-6pt) 419:(7¾pt)
365Grotesque Bold Condensed
(aka Heavy Narrow Gothic)
Roman. W/d in 1967333
366Inflex Bold
(aka Bold Face)
367Breitkopf FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1972 
368Solus Bold
(aka Solus Heavy)
Roman. W/d in 1967320
369JocundaW/d in 1967 
370Bembo Titling
(aka Aldine Bembo Titling)
Roman and Italic 
370Bembo TitlingCyrillic 
371RockwellRoman and Italic338
1934, from an American design of an Egyptian letter
372Goudy Catalogue 2 line CapsW/d in 1965 
373Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling (No.1)
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Extra Bold Titling or Gill Extra Bold Condensed Sans-Serif Titling)
373Gill Sans Bold Condensed TitlingCyrillic 
374WalbaumRoman and Italic. 1934, based on J.E.Walbaum,
re-cut by Berthold
349:(6D-11D) 350:(8D) 351:(14pt) 352:(14D) 353:(16D)
375Walbaum MediumRoman and Italic355:(roman 6D-12D) 356:(roman 14D) 392:(italic 8D-14D) 357:(roman 16D) 393:(italic 16D)
376Baskerville Bold Titling
(for Newspaper Headings)
Roman. W/d in 1965374
377Baskerville Bold Large FaceW/d in 1967 
378Baskerville Bold Titling
(for Newspaper Headings)
Roman. W/d in 1965372
379Essener Fraktur FetteFraktur. W/d in 1967 
380Baskerville Extra Bold TitlingW/d in 1967 
381Baskerville Titling
(for Newspaper Headings)
Roman. W/d in 1965372
382Musical Signs  
383Grotesque Condensed (No.4)
(aka Condensed Heavy Grotesque or Grotesque Condensed Heavy)
383Grotesque CondensedCyrillic 
384Hessen FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1964 
385Wenceslas Script
(aka Script or Script: Wenceslas)
Script. W/d in 1967 
386Perpetua (No.2)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
387Blücher Fraktur FetteFraktur. W/d in 1967 
389Grotesque Light
(aka Grotesque No.2)
Roman. W/d in 19672
390Rockwell LightRoman and Italic338
391Rockwell Bold
(aka Rockwell Heavy)
Roman and Italic340
392Theuerdank FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1964 
393MissalRoman462:(13½pt) 463:(15pt)
a394Goudy Old Style (Lanston Monotype)Roman and Italic
Loan Library omitted after 1958
395Gloucester Bold Extra CondensedRoman 
a395Cloister Old Style (Sorts)Roman and Italic
W/d before 1966
396Gloucester Extra Condensed
(aka Gloucester Old Style Extra Condensed)
397MenhartRoman and Italic378
398Poltawski BoldRoman365
399Felix TitlingRoman 
400EmersonW/d in 1967 
401Leibniz FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
403FontanaRoman and Italic. 1936 by Giovanni Mardesteig, based on Wilson 1760464:(8-14pt) 488:(roman 18-24pt) 464:(italic 18pt)
404Porson CondensedGreek. W/d in 1967 
405Grotesque Light Condensed
(aka Narrow Grotesque or Grotesque Narrow)
Roman. W/d in 1967414
406Gill Sans Shadow (No.1)
(aka Gill Sans-serif Shadow No.1)
407Antique (No.4)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1965
408Gill Sans Shadow (No.2)
(aka Gill Sans-serif Shadow No.2)
(for Egyptian Government)
Cancelled, replaced by series 549 in 1946 
410Imprint Bold (No.2)
(aka Imprint Heavy)
Roman and Italic348:(roman) 76:(italic)
411Pierre DidotRoman and Italic
W/d in 1965
412Clarendon (No.2)Roman. W/d in 19672
413Breitkopf Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur 
414Rockwell CondensedRoman 
415Arabic DisplayCancelled in 1950 
416Ionic (No.5)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1967
417Hessen Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1964 
418Mainzer FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
419Latin Condensed
(aka Condensed Latin)
420Runic CondensedRoman 
421Times New Roman Semi-BoldRoman and Italic325
422Modern (No.7)Roman and Italic
W/d in 1965
423Jean Paul FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
424Rockwell Extra Bold
(aka Rockwell Extra Heavy)
425Divina ComediaDestroyed 
426TeluguW/d in 1969 
427Times New Roman WideRoman and Italic325:(7-14pt) 426:(22pt)
428Bembo Bold
(aka Bembo Heavy or Aldine Bembo Bold)
Roman and Italic368:(6-14pt) 399:(large 14-18pt)
429Palace ScriptScript 
430Gill FaceDestroyed 
431Floriated CapitalsRoman. 1936 
432Mainzer Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1964 
433Gill Moiree ShadowDestroyed 
434Shadow FrenchWithdrawn 
435Heavy Shadow FrenchWithdrawn 
436Dorchester Script
(aka Script: Dorchester)
437Fontana Bible FaceRoman and Italic464
438Plantin TitlingRoman 
439Goudy TitlingRoman377
440TitlingRoman. W/d in 1965413
441Goudy Bold (No.2)Roman and Italic382
442Gill Sans Ultra Bold
(aka Gill Sans-serif Ultra Bold or Gill Ultra Bold)
443Fontana TitlingDestroyed 
444ModernCancelled 1936 
445TempestW/d in 1973 
446Breitkopf Fraktur FetteFraktur. W/d in 1972 
447Modern Extended No.3Roman. W/d in 19651
448Missal Face No.3  
449Alte Fraktur Fette
(aka Halbfette Alte Monotype Fraktur)
Fraktur. W/d in 1964 
450Laudian Old StyleRoman and Italic1
451IonicRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
452EmeryW/d in 1965 
453EhrhardtRoman and Italic397
1937, based on Ehrhardt late 17c, possibly cut by Nicholas Kis
453Pitman's i.t.a.(Ehrhardt plus Series L211 and sorts)
454Laudian Old StyleDestroyed 
455Temple Script
(aka Script: Temple)
456Old English Text (No.2)
(aka Old English Text Light)
457Sachsenwald-GotischFraktur. W/d in 1967 
458RomulusRoman and Italic. 1936 by Jan van Krimpen.
Cut by Enschedé 1931
405:(8D-14D) 406:(16D-20D)
459Missal Face No.4  
461Perpetua BoldRoman and Italic379
462IndicateurRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
463RundgotischFraktur. W/d in 1972 
464Egyptian Condensed (No.4)Roman. W/d in 1967130
465Egyptian ExtendedDestroyed 
466Roman for series 367Cancelled 1936 
467Breitkopf FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
468Gill Sans Bold Extra Condensed
(aka Gill Sans-serif Bold Extra Condensed)
469BulmerRoman and Italic412
1936, based on William Martin 1790 for Bulmer
471Modern (No.8)Roman. W/d in 19671
472Greek: InclinedGreek434
473GreekGreek. W/d in 1967 
474Times New Roman Heavy BookDestroyed 
475Script Light
(aka Light Script)
477Century Schoolbook BoldRoman498
478JoannaRoman and Italic449
1937 by Eric Gill. Trade release 1958.
Based on Hague & Gill's 1930 type cut by H.W.Caslon
480Perpetua Light Titling
(aka Perpetua Titling Light Face)
481AlbertusRoman. 1932 by Berthold Wolpe 
482Uhlen Con Bold Fraktur
(aka Ullstein Fraktur Fette Enge)
Fraktur. W/d in 1973 
483Uhlen RundgotischFraktur. W/d in 1972 
484Gustavus BoldW/d in 1965 
485Gill Sans Condensed
(aka Gill Sans-Serif Medium Condensed
485Gill Sans CondensedCyrillic 
(aka Heavy Greek)
487GillHebrew. W/d in 1967 
488Mayer PointedHebrew 
493Grosvenor Script
(aka Script: Grosvenor)
494Bruce RogersIn abeyance 1967 
495B.O.A.C.No record 
496MaturaScript. 1938 by Imre Reiner 
497Gustavus LightW/d in 1965 
498Enschedé FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1967 
499Sachsenwald MagerW/d in 1965 
500Modern TimetableW/d in 1967 
501Clarendon TimetableW/d in 1967 
502Grotesque TimetableW/d in 1967 
503Bold Face
(aka Inflex Timetable)
W/d in 1965 
504Bodoni (No.5)Roman and Italic319
505Placard Light Extra CondensedRoman387
506Placard Bold Condensed (No.1)Roman387
506Placard Bold CondensedCyrillic 
508PegasusRoman. 1937 
509Bembo Semi-BoldRoman and Italic91
510ChatsworthRoman. W/d 1965391
512Dürer Fraktur HalbfetteFraktur. W/d in 1965 
513Dürer Fraktur FetteFraktur. W/d in 1965 
514Fanfare Bold Con. It. TitlingItalic. Destroyed 
515Placard Bold Condensed (No.2)Roman 
515Placard Bold CondensedCyrillic 
516Fanfare Bold Con. It. Titling No.2Italic 
517L.P.T.B. TitlingW/d in 1965 
518Gujerathi BoldGujerathi 
519Propylaen FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1964 
520Romulus Bold
(aka Van Krimpen Bold)
Roman and Italic404
521Berliner FrakturFraktur. W/d in 1965 
522Placard Condensed Titling
(aka Light Placard Titling)
522Placard Condensed TitlingCyrillic 
523Grotesque Condensed Titling (No.4)Roman 
524Grotesque Bold Titling (No.1)Roman 
525Gill Sans Bold Condensed Titling (No.2)Roman 
526Gill Sans Extra Bold TitlingRoman 
527Grotesque Bold Condensed Titling (No.4)Roman 
528Matura Scriptorial Capitals  
529Bodoni Bold Condensed
(aka Bodoni Heavy Condensed)
Roman and Italic 
529Bodoni Bold CondensedCyrillic 
530Uhlen Rund Gotisch CapsW/d in 1965 
531HaarlemmerRoman and Italic
W/d in 1967
532Prayer Book Face (for O.U.P.)Cancelled 
533GravuraRoman. W/d in 19651
534Albertus LightRoman 
535L.M.M.Co. series 237Cancelled 1945 
537Morrison FaceW/d in 1974 
538Albertus Bold TitlingRoman 
539Georgian LightGeorgian 
540Georgian BoldGeorgian 
541same as series 364Cancelled 1941 
542Arabic BoldDestroyed 
543Perpetua TitlingW/d in 1967 
544Old Style Bold (No.5)Roman2
545Century BoldW/d in 1967 
546Century Bold ExtendedW/d in 1967 
547Hebrew Schocken No.1Hebrew. W/d in 1974 
548Lectern MissalRoman472
549Arabic NaskhArabic 
550Hebrew Schocken No.2Hebrew. W/d in 1967 
551Hebrew Schocken No.3Hebrew. W/d in 1967 
552Sheldon(for O.U.P.) 
553Old Style Bold InclinedGreek436
554Festival Titling  
555AngelusRoman and Italic474
556SpectrumRoman and Italic428
1955 by Jan van Krimpen. Originally cut by Enschedé 1952
558Burmese LightBurmese 
559Arabic SollossArabic 
561Perpetua Semi-BoldW/d in 1963 
562Ionic Two-lineRoman 
563EhrhardtW/d in 1974 
564Syriac 'Estrangelo'Syrian 
565Times UprightGreek438
566Times InclinedGreek437, 438
567Times Bold UprightGreek438, 439
568Placard Condensed
(aka Placard Medium Condensed)
Roman. 1937, based on a German face387
568Placard CondensedCyrillic 
569Times Four-line Mathematics  
570Modern BoldRoman2
571Gill Sans InclinedGreek450
572Gill Sans UprightGreek451
573Ehrhardt Semi-BoldRoman and Italic430
573Pitman's i.t.a.(Ehrhardt plus Series L219 and sorts)
574Ashley ScriptScript. 1955 by Ashley Havinden 
575Gill Sans BoldRoman. W/d in 1967 
578Burmese BoldBurmese 
580Tamil MediumTamil 
581Tamil BoldTamil. Cancelled 
582Rockwell Light CondensedFilm Sub-Titles338
583Swing BoldScript 
584Mercurius Bold ScriptScript. 1958 by Imre Reiner 
585Gill Sans CondensedGreek 
588KannadaKannada. 1962 
589Arabic Naskh AccentedArabic 
592DanteRoman and Italic441
1959 by Giovanni Mardesteig, cut by Malin 1954
593Klang1955 by Will Carter 
594Research for Bruce Rogers Titling  
595Headline BoldRoman and Italic443
1956, based on Stephenson Blake's Grotesque No.9
596Futura BuchschriftSuspended 1960 
597Old BulgarianOld Bulgarian 
600CastellarRoman. 1957 by John Peters 
601Gurmukhi BoldGurmukhi 
602Typewriter IBM "Executive''Roman442
603OctavianRoman and Italic485
1964 by Will Carter & David Kindersley
(aka Gurmukhi Light)
605Placard Light Extra CondensedGreek 
606New Face (for Frankfurt)Suspended in 1964 
607New Face Bold (for Frankfurt)Suspended in 1964 
608Thai LightThai 
609Louvain CopticCoptic 
610New Emerald Bible(for O.U.P.) 
611Thai BoldThai 
612Dante TitlingRoman 
613PepitaScript. 1959 by Imre Reiner 
615New GrotesqueW/d in 1974, apart from ''A'' 
616New Grotesque BoldW/d in 1974, apart from ''A'' 
617New ClarendonRoman and Italic. 1960, based on 19c Clarendon481
618New Clarendon BoldRoman482
619Bell GothicRoman445
620Bell Gothic BoldRoman445
621Thai MediumThai 
625Gill Sans Bold UprightGreek452
626Telugu MediumTelugu 
627Times New Roman BookRoman and Italic325:(7½pt-14D) 426:(24pt)
628Thai Light ItalicThai 
632Fleet TitlingRoman. 1967 
633ChineseW/d in 1974 
636Figaro BoldCancelled in 1967 
639Times Cosmoli TitlingW/d in 1966 
643BerlingRoman and Italic. W/d in 1973495
644Berling Semi-BoldRoman. W/d in 1973496
646JansonW/d in 1972 
649Arabic Naskh BoldArabic 
650Century SchoolbookRoman and Italic 
651Century Schoolbook BoldRoman 
652OpusCancelled in 1966 
657Sinhalese BoldSinhalese 
662Gill Sans Light (No.2)Roman345
663Plantin Semi-BoldRoman and Italic5:(roman) 3:(italic) 
666New Grotesque LightW/d in 1967, apart from 'A' 
667Times Bold InclinedGreek437, 438
668Placard Condensed UprightGreek 
669SabonRoman and Italic. 1968 by Jan Tschichold503
670Bengali BoldCancelled in 1967 
672Gill Sans Light UprightGreek451
673Sabon Semi-BoldRoman503
674WalbaumRoman and Italic349
680Grotesque BoldRoman502
682Dante Semi-BoldRoman and Italic504
683Grotesque Condensed UprightGreek 
684Univers Extra Light Extra CondensedRoman 
685Univers LightRoman and Italic483
686Univers Light CondensedRoman and Italic492
687Univers Light Extra CondensedRoman501
688Univers Medium ExpandedRoman491
689Univers MediumRoman and Italic483
1961 by Adrian Frutiger, originally for Deberny & Peignot 1957
690Univers Medium CondensedRoman and Italic493
691Univers Medium Extra CondensedRoman500
692Univers Bold ExpandedRoman491
693Univers BoldRoman and Italic486
694Univers Bold CondensedRoman and Italic494
695Univers Extra Bold ExpandedRoman490
696Univers Extra BoldRoman and Italic484
697Univers Ultra Bold ExpandedRoman490
698Sinhalese ItalicSinhalese 
699Sinhalese Bold ItalicSinhalese 
701Bengali BoldBengali 
707Urdu BoldUrdu 
708Tamil MediumTamil 
718Grotesque Condensed UprightGreek 
726Telugu BoldTelugu 
727Times New Roman (Light Caps)Roman325
739Spartan Light UprightGreek454
740Spartan UprightGreek454
741Spartan Bold UprightGreek454
742Vijapure DevanagariDevenagari. 1972 
743Vijapure Devanagari BoldDevenagari. 1972 
755Devanagari ItalicDevenagari 
756Spectrum Semi-BoldRoman509
760Bodoni Bold TitlingRoman 
764Helvetica LightRoman and Italic510
765HelveticaRoman and Italic508
766Helvetica MediumRoman and Italic508
773Plantin LightRoman and Italic4
787Kannada Semi-BoldKannada 
788Kannada BoldKannada 
811GauthierRoman and Italic. 1978 (for Imprimerie Nationale) 
827Times New Roman (French)Roman and Italic325
885Greek (Special)Greek 
889Univers Medium UprightGreek506
893Univers Bold UprightGreek507
897Greek (Special)Greek 
923Hungry DutchRoman. 2019 
989Univers Medium InclinedGreek506
A6Gothic (Special)Roman caps 
B6Antique Latin (Special)  
CBold Face (Special)  
GAlbion No.3  
HTitling (Caps)Roman33:(11pt) 34:(12pt)
JGrotesque (Special)Roman caps  
L2Gothic Bold (Special)Roman caps 
L3Gothic (Special)Roman caps 
L4Gothic Condensed (Special)Roman caps 
L5Gothic (Special)Roman caps 
L8Gill Sans Bold TimetableRoman 
L11Antique Extended No.2  
L15Small capitalsItalic (match 7) 
L17Calendar FiguresRoman 
L19Calendar DaysRoman. (match 103) 
L26Shortened descendersRoman (match 8) 
L29Greek inclined superiorsGreek (based on 472) 
L30Greek inclined inferiorsGreek (based on 472) 
L42Greek inclined superiorsGreek (based on 472) 
L43Greek inclined inferiorsGreek (based on 472) 
L44SuperiorsRoman (match 128) 
L45SuperiorsItalic (match 128) 
L46SuperiorsRoman (Old Style) 
L59SuperiorsRoman (based on 18 and align with F60) 
L60InferiorsRoman (based on 18 and align with F61) 
L67SuperiorsRoman (based on 16 and align with F60) 
L68InferiorsRoman (based on 16 and align with F61) 
L69Kerned capitalsItalic (match 7) 
L70Kerned capitalsItalic (match 169) 
L76SuperiorsRoman (match 185) 
L78SuperiorsRoman (match 262) 
L79SuperiorsRoman (match 275) 
L80SuperiorsRoman (match 362) 
L81SuperiorsRoman (match 371) 
L83CapitalsRoman (9 units, match 262) 
L84SuperiorsRoman (match 194) 
L87SuperiorsRoman and Italic (match 1) 
L88InferiorsRoman and Italic (match 1) 
L89Capitals and figures for race cardsRoman (10 on 8pt, match 73) 
L90SuperiorsRoman and Italic 
L91InferiorsRoman and Italic 
L99SuperiorsRoman (match 270) 
L104SuperiorsRoman (match 127) 
L105SuperiorsRoman (match 390) 
L106SuperiorsRoman (match 391) 
L107SuperiorsRoman (match 374) 
L109Capitals with joining overscoreRoman (match 169) 
L110SuperiorsRoman (match 42 
L112SuperiorsRoman (match 16) 
L113SuperiorsRoman (match 126) 
L114Kerned capitalsItalic (match 101) 
L115SuperiorsRoman (match 51) 
L117Gill Sans Bold TimetableRoman 
L1193-line encircled capitalsRoman (match 262) 
L120SuperiorsRoman (match 215) 
L122SuperiorsRoman (match 216) 
L124SuperiorsRoman (match 441) 
L125SuperiorsRoman (match 383) 
L126SuperiorsScript (match 455) 
L128SuperiorsRoman (match 436) 
L129Capitals for race cardsRoman (10 on 8pt, match 321) 
L133Cameo capitals in rectanglesRoman (match L175) 
L134InferiorsRoman (match 185) 
L138SuperiorsRoman (match 33) 
L146SuperiorsRoman (match 318) 
L148SuperiorsRoman (match 235) 
L153SuperiorsRoman (match 453) 
L154SuperiorsRoman (match 274) 
L156SuperiorsRoman (match 428) 
L157SuperiorsRoman (match 261) 
L161SuperiorsRoman (match 139) 
L162Cameo circled capitalsRoman 
L166Letters in rounded corner rectanglesRoman 
L167Letters with joining overscoreItalic (match 65) 
L169SuperiorsRoman (match 140) 
L170SuperiorsRoman (match 141) 
L171SuperiorsRoman (match 142) 
L172SuperiorsRoman (match 145) 
L174SuperiorsRoman (match 573) 
L175Capitals in rectanglesRoman (match L133) 
L176Greek inclined superiorsGreek (based on 106, match L59) 
L177Greek inclined inferiorsGreek (based on 106, match L60) 
L178SuperiorsRoman (match 301) 
L179Small capitalsItalic (match 327) 
L180SuperiorsRoman (match 231) 
L182InferiorsRoman (match 262) 
L184Capitals in squaresRoman 
L185Laterally-reversed charactersRoman (match 215) 
L186Laterally-reversed charactersRoman (match 318) 
L187SuperiorsCyrillic (match L87) 
L188InferiorsCyrillic (match L88) 
L189SuperiorsRoman (match 592) 
L192Bold superiorsRoman (match L87) 
L193Bold inferiorsRoman (match L88) 
L194Greek upright superiorsGreek (match L87) 
L195Greek inclined superiorsGreek (match L88) 
L196Greek upright inferiorsGreek (match L87) 
L197Greek inclined inferiorsGreek (match L88) 
L198Cameo squared capitalsRoman 
L202InferiorsRoman (match 270) 
L205SuperiorsRoman (match 72) 
L206Gill small capitalsRoman c.1960 
L209Superiors for mathematicsRoman (match 342) 
L210Inferiors for mathematicsRoman (match 342) 
L211Pitman's i.t.a. majusculesRoman (match 453) 
L219Pitman's i.t.a. majusculesRoman (match 573) 
L221Capitals in scalloped corner rectanglesRoman 
L222SuperiorsRoman (match 689) 
L223SuperiorsRoman (match 696) 
L224SuperiorsRoman (match 685) 
L225SuperiorsRoman (match 693) 
L227Capitals in circlesRoman 
L228SuperiorsRoman (match 252) 
L230SuperiorsRoman (match 150) 
L231Extraneous sortsRoman (match 569) 
L232Greek upright superiors for mathematicsGreek (match L209) 
L233Greek upright inferiors for mathematicsGreek (match L210) 
L234Greek inclined superiors for mathematicsGreek (match L209) 
L235Greek inclined inferiors for mathematicsGreek (match L210) 
L236SuperiorsRoman and Italic (match 327) 
L237InferiorsRoman and Italic (match 327) 
L238Greek upright superiorsGreek (match 565) 
L239Greek upright inferiorsGreek (match 565) 
L240Greek inclined superiorsGreek (match 566) 
L241Greek inclined inferiorsGreek (match 566) 
L244InferiorsRoman (match 275) 
L247SuperiorsRoman (match 12) 
L2482-line encircled capitalsRoman (match 262) 
L250SuperiorsRoman (match 686) 
L251SuperiorsRoman (match 690) 
L252SuperiorsRoman (match 694) 
L253Modern ExtendedRoman (7-11pt centred on 24pt) 
L254InferiorsRoman (match 689) 
L255InferiorsRoman (match 696) 
L256SuperiorsRoman (for 334 and match L236) 
L257SuperiorsRoman (match 349) 
L258SuperiorsRoman (match 350) 
L261SuperiorsRoman (match 617) 
L263SuperiorsRoman (match 105) 
L264InferiorsRoman (for 334 and match L237) 
L265SuperiorsRoman (match 366) 
L266SuperiorsRoman (match 688) 
L267SuperiorsRoman (match 695) 
L268SuperiorsRoman (match 692) 
L269SuperiorsRoman (match 697) 
L270Horizontal CancellationsRoman (match 327)325
L271SuperiorsRoman (match 312, 313) 
L272InferiorsRoman (match 312, 313) 
L273Cameo circled capitalsRoman 
L274InferiorsRoman (match 42) 
L275SuperiorsRoman (match 227) 
L276InferiorsRoman (match 215) 
L278SuperiorsRoman (match 595) 
L279InferiorsRoman (match 126) 
L280SuperiorsRoman (match 602) 
L287SuperiorsRoman (match 618) 
L289Electronic reading fountCMC7 
L290InferiorsRoman (match 453) 
L292SuperiorsRoman (match 687) 
L293SuperiorsRoman (match 691) 
L294SuperiorsRoman (match 341) 
L295InferiorsRoman (match 685) 
L305Open sanserif charactersRoman (for 327 and match 569) 
L306 Greek (title uncertain) 
L310Times New RomanRoman (327-10pt for Devanagari 155-12pt) 
L311UnderscoreRoman (match 318) 
L312Greek small capitalsGreek (match 90) 
L318Greek upright superiorsGreek (for 334 and match L236) 
L320Capitals in circlesRoman (696 design) 
L321Small capitalsRoman (match 428) 
L322Capitals in squaresRoman (262 design) 
L324SuperiorsRoman (match 582) 
L327Small capitalsItalic (match 453) 
L332Greek upright inferiorsGreek (for 334 and match L237) 
L337Open charactersRoman (for 327 and match L231) 
L343OCR-BOCR. 1968 
L346InferiorsRoman (match 686) 
L351Open charactersRoman (match 262) 
L359Open sanserif charactersRoman (match 7) 
L365InferiorsRoman (match 690) 
L368SuperiorsScript (for 327 and match L236) 
L369InferiorsScript (for 327 and match L237) 
L371Capitals in circlesItalic (169 design) 
L372SuperiorsFraktur (for 327 and match L236) 
L373InferiorsFraktur (for 327 and match L237) 
L374Open charactersRoman (match 689) 
L378Open charactersRoman (match 275) 
L386SuperiorsRoman (match 765) 
L396Greek small capitalsGreek (match 565) 
L397SuperiorsRoman (match 766) 
L398Greek inclined inferiorsGreek (for 334 and match L237) 
L401Capitals in circlesRoman (689 design) 
L411Characters in squaresRoman (694 design) 
L413InferiorsRoman (match 216) 
L432Cameo circled capitalsRoman (689 design) 
L433Open charactersRoman (match 693) 

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