German Fraktur Case

   A     B     C      D     E     F     G      H     I     K  
1234567890--*UWX  YZ
cklhairp,em qd
 chc  llaen

The lay is that illustrated in Legros & Grant: Typographical Printing-Surfaces (1916). Note that the types are Fraktur, and not Roman as shown here. The box with -- is em dash and the is a dagger. The | is a long s, and s represents a form of etc. The empty case is Legros.

A somewhat similar version of this lay is shown by Lockwood (1894), but Legros shows the box to the left of || and |i as one box, whereas Lockwood divides it into four. Also, h and l are swapped, z and q are in different places, and Lockwood divides the top half of the w box into two, and also divides the q box below it. Legros does not show the c and ll, and X and Y, boxes as divided, unlike Lockwood, and indeed Bauer (1917), and both show Ä, etc. rather than é, etc.

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