Combination Quarter Case

12345 áéíóúàèìòù
67890 äëïöüâêîôû
/enemmid£ ÇÑçãñõ    
1/41/23/41/32/31/83/85/87/81/6 :::^.v.:=±f)v/v/
12345 v3v4sqprtran<°'"
67890 +-×÷=

This English layout is shown in Atkins: Art & Practice of Printing, vol I, Sayers & Stuart: The Composing Room (1932). The quarter case is being used to hold the various extra characters that are not in the normal Upper case.

The page does not display some of the signs correctly, and ^: is intended to be therefore, v: is because, := is geometric proportion, f is integral, v/ is square root, v3 is cube root, sq is square, pr is perpendicular, tr is triangle, an is angle.

The empty case configuration is Quarter.

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