New Norcia Upper Case

                   em   @  ½           (    
      & £;:!?)]

This Australian Upper case lay is in use in 2014 at the Abbey Press at New Norcia in Western Australia, and probably dates from 1946. It is their only upper case that does not contain both upper and lower case characters, unlike all their other Upper cases. Even so, ct and st have crept into the case. The @ box also holds various maths and reference signs. Small cap & is in this case, but full-size & is in the lower case. The actual typeface held in the case is 12pt Canberra Old Style.

The empty case configuration is the Upper of Moxon, et al., and an equivalent Lower case lay is New Norcia.

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This page was written in 2014 by David Bolton and last updated 27 March 2015.