Empty Portugese Single Case


This Portugese typecase configuration is Veloso's Caixa actualmente em uso as shown by Libânio da Silva, Manual do Tipógrafo, 1962 and also as provided by a Portugese friend of Bob Oldham of the Ad Lib press in USA, in 2019. It dates from 1858, and was in use in the Imprensa Nacional in 1908 (and is referred to in José Ribeiro, A Imprensa Nacional de Lisboa, 1912). It is 88x62cm and has 129 boxes, unlike the somewhat similar Spanish Caja Normal which has 128 boxes. Da Silva also shows an older, larger version of the case, as Caixa antiga.

The type lay is Veloso's Portugese Single Case or the very similar Portugese Single Case of 2019 .

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