Quarter Figure/Quad/Space Cases

3025   3035

These U.S. typecases are quarter sized, and four will fit into a normal blank case, i.e which has no interior boxes. Examples of these cases are shown, for example, in Hamilton Manufacturing Co: Printing Plant Equipment, Type Storage Section, Catalog 16 (c1932). The case above left is Model 3025 for figures, spaces and quads, or for fractions. Above right is Model 3035 for figures (middle and bottom rows) and fractions (top row). Below left is Model 3065 Space & Quad case, for holding half point copper thins, one point brass thins, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to-em spaces, em quads, en quads, and 2 and 3 em quads. It will hold a ten pound font of spaces and quads. Below right is Model 3070 Space case, for thin brass and copper spaces. The boxes in this case have rounded bottoms to make it easier to withdraw the thin spacing.
3065   3070

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