Einteilung des Antiquakastens mit Kapitälchen

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1234567890 *¦§'JUWXYZ

This (possibly) Austrian typecase lay is in Niel, Satztechnisches Taschen-Lexikon, 1925 (Wien). Niel shows another version, this time excluding the Kapitälchen. Both differ from Bauer's small caps lay of 1917. Note that in the boxes, ¦ is a dagger, and -- is an em dash. The spacing (Ausschluß) is em=Gevierte, en=Halbgevierte, thick=Drittelgevierte, mid= Viertelgevierte, and thin and hair are 1½pt and 1pt. The i box should be slightly taller, the spacing box slightly shorter. OE È É Ê share with small caps. Æ is not shown, but presumably is in the bottom left box.

The empty case configuration is Antiqua mit Kapitälchen.

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