Wisconsin Combination Quarter Cases

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Case A     Case B
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These U.S. typecase lays are shown in American Type Founders Company, Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Printing Machinery and Supplies Wood Goods and Wood Type Fine Printing Inks, 1897, and American Line Type Book - Borders, Ornaments - Price List Printing Material and Machinery, Boston 1906 and in Barnhart Bros. & Spindler: Book of Type Specimens No.9, 1907, and Hamilton Manufacturing Company: Modern Cabinets, Furniture and Materials for Printers Catalog No. 14, c. 1907. They are quarter sized, and four will fit into a full-size blank case. The empty cases are Wisconsin. The B and D cases are the same as the Model 3030 and 3040 shown by Hamilton Manufacturing Co, Printing Plant Equipment, Type Storage Section, Catalog 16, c.1932.
Case C     Case D
Case D above is used for algebraic and medical signs (most of which are not shown here at the moment). An alternative use for Case B is as below, for split fractions and reference signs. The top row should show an underscore beneath each numeral.
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