Job Cases

This page lists full-size Job cases as below. For other sizes, see Two Third, etc. Job case is here taken to describe a case divided into three bays, two to hold the lower case and one to hold the upper case of a full fount. One of the traditional differences in style of these cases is the box top left in the central bay (i.e. above the i box). One style has a divided box, as listed below, and the other has a single box, listed under Double Cases, and generally of English rather than U.S. or other origin. Note that the overall dimensions are different, English cases being about 32½x14½ inches whereas U.S. ones, for example, are 32¼x16¾ inches.

Note that some other three bay cases are listed separately, but are somewhat similar to a Job case.

The pattern of the rows in the upper (right hand) case section is shown e.g. as 7 for seven same sized rows, 1:3:1 as top row and bottom row smaller than middle three rows, (2) as two rows for the upper case, although not in a separate section.

Empty CasesNo. of boxes in left sectionNo. of boxes in central sectionNo. of boxes in right sectionUpper row pattern
Nine rows for "Upper"
Scottish Ordinary Double Case (SB&Co 1922) 2132639
Paterson Job Case (ATF 1893)2530639
Paterson Job Case (BBS 1907)2430639
Eight rows for "Upper"
Clapp's Success Case (The Printer and Bookmaker 1898)47508
Seven rows for "Upper"
Italic Job Case (Harpel 1870)2430497
New York or Boston Job Case (ATF 1893)4046497
(Italic) Job Case (De Vinne 1904)2430567
Italic (Job) Case (Hamilton 1922)†2430493:3:1
†This case has the : ; boxes smaller than the . - boxes
Italic Job Case (possibly 1922)‡2430493:3:1
‡This case has the : ; boxes the same size as the . - boxes
Scottish Double Case (Marr, Alembic Press 1974) 2132497
Dutch Jobbing Case (Avalon Pers 1997)§§2732497
§§Although this case is roughly the same size as English full-size cases, it is actually a Dutch three quarter case.
Six rows for "Upper"
Yankee Job Case (Cleveland 1893)4048426
Californian Double Case (Cefmor 1955)2430422:4
Improved Scottish Double Case (Miller & Richard, Alembic Press 1974) 2132422:4
Improved English Double Case (Dorset House 1976) 2430422:4
Five rows for "Upper"
California Job Case (Palmer & Rey 1884)2430351:4
New York Job Case (ATF 1896)4046351:4
Jumbo Job Case (ATF 1896)
Dearing Job Case (Hamilton 1897)
California Job Case (Henry 1917)†2430351:3:1
†This case has the : ; boxes smaller than the . - boxes
Improved New York Job Case (Hamilton 1922)4046351:3:1
California Job Case (Polk 1926)‡2430351:3:1
‡This case has the : ; boxes the same size as the . - boxes
Scottish Improved Double Case(SB&Co 1922) 2132351:3:1
McNeill Double Case (Caslon 1925) 2430351:3:1
Improved Scottish Double Case (Alembic Press 1974) 2132354:1
Two rows for "Upper"
Yankee Job Case (BB&S 1890s)40-46(2)
New York/Boston Job Case (ATF 1893/1895)404649(2)
Improved Job Case (ATF 1895)39-44(2)

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This page was written in 2014 by David Bolton and last updated 28 March 2015