Two Third, etc. Cases

The list of cases below is divided into sections for Three Quarter, Two Third, Half, One Third and Quarter cases. Note that a full size case measures approximately 32½x14½ ins (England) or 32¼x16¾ ins (U.S.A.). The list shows the number of boxes in the left and right sections (bays), and where there are also upper case sections, this is shown as e.g. 29+19 where there are 29 boxes in the upper section and 19 in the lower section, on that side.

Different Empty CasesBoxes on leftBoxes on rightTotal boxes
Three Quarter Cases
Dutch Letterkast (Hostettler 1949)29+1956+24128
Dutch Letterkast (Avalon Pers 1997)30+1946+25120
Dutch Three Quarter Case (Atelier IT Plein 1997)29+1948+28124
Dutch Three Quarter Case (Atelier IT Plein 1997)29+1928+28104
Dutch Three Quarter Case (In De Bonnfant 2004)29+1948+24120
Although three-quarter cases, the above Dutch cases are 83x53cm, almost the same size as full-size English cases
News Cap Case (ATF 1897)xxx
News Lower Case (ATF 1897)xxx
Cap Case (ATF 1897)xxx
Italic or Job Case (ATF 1897)xxx
California Job Case (ATF 1897)xxx
Yankee Job Case (ATF 1897)xxx
Triple Case (ATF 1897)xxx
Blank Case (ATF 1897)000
The above ATF cases are all 26¼x16in (approx 67x41cm). ATF do not illustrate them, but in most instances they will be the same configuration as the full-size case.
Two Third Cases
California Two Third Job Case (Palmer & Rey 1884)493584
Two Third Improved Job Case (Palmer & Rey 1892)28+2328+28107
Two Third Yankee Job Case (Palmer & Rey 1892)14+2414+3082
Excelsior Case (Kelsey 1892) 494796
Excelsior Improved Case (Kelsey 1892) 5560115
Two Third Yankee Job Case (from full-size BBS 1890s)404686
Two Third Italic Job Case (BBS 1890s)394483
Two Third News Upper Case (Cleveland 1893) 494998
Two Third News Lower Case (Cleveland 1893) 243054
Two Third Lower Case (ATF 1893) 242751
Two Third Italic Job Case (ATF 1893)384482
Two Third Space and Quad Case (ATF 1896)0035
Two Third Dearing Job Case (Hamilton 1897)493584
Two Third Script Case (ATF 1897)007
Two Third Blank Case (ATF 1897)000
Two Third Improved Job Case (ATF 1906)28+2328+30109
Two Third California Job Case (ATF 1906)404686
Two Third Cap Case (Hamilton 1922)494998
Two Third Lower Case (Miller & Richards c1920s) 252752
Two Third Double Case (Miller & Richards c1920s) 384381
Two Third California Job Case (Missouri-Central 1959)384482
Two Third New York Job Case (Long 1980, but earlier Hamilton)404686
Two Third Letterkast (Avalon Pers 1997)6166127
Two Third Double Case (Cockelshell Press 2002)0085
Half Cases
Jobbing Half Case (Southward 1872) 0048
Half Case (Southward 1887) 0042
Half Open case (Ullmer 1902) 001
Registered Half Double case (Ullmer 1902) 24*29*81
*In addition, Ullmer's case has 28 boxes (4 rows of 7 boxes) in an upper section that spans the whole case
Improved Half Case (Caslon 1925) 0046
One Third Cases
One Third Cap Case (Hamilton c1932) 0042
One Third Small Cap Case (Thompson 1949) 0042
Quarter Cases
Wisconsin Combination Quarter Case A (ATF 1897) 0015
Wisconsin Combination Quarter Case B (ATF 1897) 0030
Wisconsin Combination Quarter Case C (ATF 1897) 0020
Wisconsin Combination Quarter Case D (ATF 1897) 0025
Combination Quarter Case (Atkins 1932) 15+2030+2590
Quarter Caps & Figures Case (Hamilton c1932) 351449
Quarter Accents, etc. Case (Hamilton c1932) 0030
Quarter Signs, etc. Case (Hamilton c1932) 0025
Quarter Figs & Quads or Fractions Case (Hamilton c1932) 0015
Quarter Figures and Fractions Case (Hamilton c1932) 0020
Quarter Spaces and Quads Case (Hamilton c1932) 009
Quarter Brass & Copper Spaces Case (Hamilton c1932) 0016

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