Chronological List of Typecases

This page lists typecases and the date of the source of the information, starting with the most recent date first and also showing the earliest date so far encountered, if different. Intermediate dates of sources are omitted (the full range for a particular case is given on the actual layout page and can be seen via the appropriate link). If the most recent dated source simply showed the case for historical purposes, this has been ignored, or shown in parentheses. The list thus shows an approximate timespan for any given case (for a list in chronological order, earliest first, use either Empty cases or Type lays). Be aware that this work is ongoing, does not claim to be definitive, and is based only upon what the author has come across. Details of the sources are given on a separate page.

The time span shown should not be taken as exclusive of earlier or later dates. The dates shown are only a rough guide to the usage of the case. It can usually be assumed that a particular case as illustrated in a book was probably in use before the date of the book’s publication, apart from those lays that were conjecture or suggestions for improvement. It can also be assumed that a case was in use some time after the date of publication, as printers are by and large very conservative. If a case is stated as in use in 1997, for example, it is probably still in use in 2009. Also, some of the sources used have earlier or later editions than the ones so far consulted. A very few sources are cases simply seen at auction or in antique shops, for example, and these can probably be regarded as out of use by that date, at any rate for their original purpose of storing type.

At present, the list below is split between typecase lays and typecase constructions (i.e.empty cases), but these may be merged into the one list if this can be done without the screen becoming too confusing or cumbersome.

Empty Cases

Type Lays

Individual empty cases
ie with the boxes left blank
Individual type layouts
ie with characters assigned to boxes
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Written in 2009 by David Bolton and last updated 12 November 2022.